How to Develop Black & White Photos : How To Use Hypo Clearing Agent

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We finished rinsing the fixture out of the film in our developing tank here, the next
step is to use what’s called the hypo-clearing agent. In this case the particular one that
we’re using is Kodiak photo flow, in order to properly use this you want to have a medicine
dropper you want to use only about 2 drops, you could just drop them in your tank, then
pour in plain distilled water. In order to properly use this you want to agitate softly
for about 1 minute…the purpose of the hypo-clearing agent is to put a surface on the film that
resist water, this will cause the water to beat up and run off, it helps prevent water
spots and dust and things like that from getting on your film which in the end will help you
produce better images when you go to enlarge them. Once that’s done you can simply pour
it out…very similar to soap and at this stage you can go ahead and open your tank
and take out your film see what you’ve got and there you go, there’s your images.

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6 thoughts on “How to Develop Black & White Photos : How To Use Hypo Clearing Agent

  1. I'm not trying to sound like a know-it-all or anything, but the purpose of the hypoclear agent is so that the water does NOT bead up. If it beaded up you'd get spots on your film while it was drying. 🙂

  2. This guy has his terminology mixed up. Hypo clearing agent and photo-flo are two different chemicals. Hypo clearing agent is an optional step in the process and is used to help clear the fixer from the film in order to reduce the washing time (with water). You use photo-flo (another optional step) after the final wash to help the water run off the negatives to prevent water spots. Hypo clearing agent does not make the water bead up and run off, but photo-flo does.

  3. This video made me laugh. There is a Huge difference between Hypoclear and kodak photo-flo ( wetening agent). For anyone looking this video Hypoclear is for removing fixer from the paper just like @mjp3210 sais. Hes using photo-flo and FYI some people use soap but i do not recommend it.

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