How to Convert Raster Image into Vector in Photoshop

What You’ll Be Creating! Let’s get started by creating a New Document Import the image you’d like to work with Rasterize Layer Select the part that you want to convert to vector using any selection tool Here I think Pen tool is the best choice Right-click and choose Make Selection Change Radius to 0 and OK Make a Layer Mask with selection Select the layer not the mask Go to Smart Sharpen filter These values would be ok Add Threshold Adjustment Layer Threshold converts the image to black and white image depending on Threshold level. Pixels lighter than this level becomes white & Pixels darker than this level becomes black Select the image and apply Diffuse: Anisotropic filter Apply again Diffuse is to get rid of the small dots in the image by convert the image to an effect similar to paint effect By changing Threshold level you’ll notice a smoothness in the final image Apply Smart Sharpen again to reveal some details Change amount to a reasonable value Ok, that’s good. Hit OK Duplicate with CTRL+J Apply High Pass filter to add more details if needed Radius: 2~3 would be ok Adjust Threshold Level if needed Merge all visible layers to a new layer with ALT+CTRL+SHIFT+E Let’s enhance the final result Create a white solid color layer below Remove unnecessary parts using Brush Tool with black & white colors Or with Brush Tool and Mask. it’s up to you. Adjust edges Hold CTRL and click over the mask layer to show selection Grab any selection tool and right click then choose Make Work Path Tolerance: 2 would be ok You can find the path layer in the Paths Panel If you don’t have it you can get from Windows>Paths Create a New Layer, then Create a solid color fill Automatically Photoshop will fill the Path with the color you’ve picked on the layer you’ve created And convert the final result to a vector layer You can deselect the path from Paths Panel to hide it Let’s resize the vector layer with CTRL+T to see the result No pixels! That’s Great With the same technique you can covert any raster logo to vector logo 1- Select the part that you want to convert to vector with Color Range 2- Grab any selection tool and right click and choose Make Work Path 3- Create a New Layer 4- Create a color fill Make sure that Working Path is selected in the paths Panel and also the previously created layer is selected Let’s compare the result Thanks for watching. Don’t Forget to LIKE this video and SUBSCRIBE

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