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  1. Always buy a clear filter to put over the front of your lens, this will save you from having to clean the actual lens. Much easier to swallow the cost of a $10 filter vs. a $300 lens…

    For the camera-facing part of the lens, minimize exposure to anything but the camera or a dust cap.

  2. i have a can of air and it says do not use on camera mirrors or lenses.i never cleaned my camera had it for a year.i guess i don't want it to get sratched.but i do have an old digital from 5 years ago and all the sudden it said lense error.this happened when i was at the beach a year ago.tried using can of air nothign helped.

  3. There are some good tips here BUT… you should not breathe on the lens. Just use lens cleaner. The moisture in our mouths can carry bacteria that you may not completely remove with the cloth. Lens cleaner is safer in this respect. Also you should hold your lens upside down when blowing out dust or brushing. This way gravity can help you out too. AND if you're cleaning the inside of your camera you don't run the risk of dust being blown back into the body (which can really screw things up).

  4. @starfoxacefox I think, based on the comments, more people tend to agree with me. But hey, if you've had success for "20 years" you must have the lucky touch. Or the cleanest mouth. What kind of lenses do you use that can sustain so much abuse? The bottom of coke bottles?

  5. @Shaykherr regardless, you shouldn't blow on a lens because moisture condenses on the glass element. Moisture and lenses are a bad combination because it can provide the conditions for fungus to grow on the glass. I don't know if you have ever seen a bad fungus infestation on a lens, but it's a sorry sight. Much better to use proper lens fluid which evaporates quickly without leaving moisture.

  6. Ok so i used a wet wipe type thing that supposedley wasnt going to leave any residue.. guess what? it left tiny hair looking things on the lens -.- they wont blow off or wipe off and im worried that it might break my camera if they stay there. So far the picture quailty hasnt changed much but it is starting to focus weirdly. Don't really have money to buy anything… any suggestions on what to do?

  7. @Shaykherr yes, we have immunity to stop them multiplying, the glass on the lens doesn't. It is smaller than the eye can see at first, but left to multiply…. well, we know how this story ends.

  8. thnx now my camera is as good as new haha (only with some holes because I dropped it a few times, is there a fix for it XD).

  9. thanks so much, I thought I had to get a new lens on a camera I just bought, turns out i didn't thought. really helpful.

  10. It's possible that the dot you talk about is not in your lens but in your sensor, try changing your lens and if still appears for sure it's in your sensor if not it can also be dust INSIDE your lens.

  11. You recommend breathing on the lens but not rubbing alcohol? You realize lens cleaner is just rubbing alcohol right?

  12. I don't think breathing on the lens is a good idea. Eyeglasses cleaning solution should be just fine for camera lenses.

  13. Why is this crappy video even on the internet, the first thing you never do is "breath on the lens" it introduces acids to the lens coatings lol,

  14. Thank you, this video is very helpful. Now I can clean my VR headset without worrying getting a scratch.

    I got myself the cleaning kit that comes with a replacement covers. It didn’t have instructions beside providing me these stuff. Now I know it’s easy to clean it.

  15. This is nick picking of course, but the lens brush used for cleaning a lens is not a Camel Hair Brush but a Camel's Hair Brush, the inventors last name was Camel; actual camel hair is curly.

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