How to Become a GREAT Photographer: 3 important advice

Photography skills, like abdomen
muscles are easy to train. Exercise them at least twice a week.
Follow expert recommendations and soon your Instagram will explode with likes. Frankly speaking, photography is way more
advantageous than fitness. First of all, photographers can eat whatever they want. Second, many beautiful people are dying to become acquainted with them. Most importantly, all acquired benefits will not turn into fat if you don’t practice for a while. Once you become a great photographer, you stay great forever. Now let me tell you how to achieve this greatness Of course, you have to practice. Make it part of your weekly routine and set a repetitive date with my camera notes on your calendar. It is good to know photography theory. Moreover, it’s very
important to know photography theory but even if you recite all the classical
rules every evening as a prayer it won’t be as helpful as a real experience. There are so many unexpected technical nuances… practice and train until all of your
camera’s settings become natural and automatic and nothing will distract you
from the artistic part of your shot Become friends with other photographers. Find others who are addicted to the sound of the shutter click. These camera junkies won’t let you spend a lazy weekend on a couch they’ll pull you out to the middle of nowhere to practice landscape photography skills Together you will discover new methods and approaches and you also can share your photography gear Learning is so much more fun when you have like-minded company And here we are at the most important part of this video I like to call it the Guru exercise because this exercise can transform an average photographer into a photography guru Go to any photo-oriented website, find a great photo and then analyze what makes it so great. and please no poetic descriptions like the spirit of freedom, or magic of love. Only real, tangible reasons, like beautiful reflections of models eyes or perfectly lit subject caught at a perfect moment If the photo is truly great, you’ll find not only one but many criteria for why it stands out to us Why to go through all this trouble? so you will learn what it takes to take a great photo and use all this knowledge to create your own masterpiece First, we analyze Then we utilize Say, we like how tree branches naturally frame this picture let’s take our own photo using this little trick and here we see a a beautiful combination of blue sky and yellow lights Next time when we shoot after sunset, we won’t wait until it becomes completely dark we’ll shoot right after the sun disappears and captures the same dreamy blue sky Examine at least one photo a day and soon this habit will become natural to you. You will find yourself scrutinizing a picture on a billboard or a book cover in a bookstore. It will be great not just to analyze but to save
all your findings so you can come back to them later and refresh your memory There are more ways to study the art of photography, such as classes at photography schools reading magazines and tutorials volunteering for a professional photographer is a very good one Do not limit yourself with the ones I’ve suggested but remember they are among the most important on your way to success. If you are ready to become a first-class award-winning photographer, open your calendar and add a regular photographer exercises to schedule!

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