How photography connects us – David Griffin

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39 thoughts on “How photography connects us – David Griffin

  1. This is an amazing video. TED continues to quench my thirst for knowledge, all the while revealing interests I never knew I had.

  2. It is amazing how the brain will take visualization and turn it right side up, but the more amazing part is why it was upside down in the first place..

  3. I think I'm going to use this video to show how important photography is, and why we need to create a photography lab in my school.

  4. Great Photography can be emotive, reaching us on some many levels, conscious, subconscious, emotional, shocking, empathy, excitement etc…. awesome video. Too good not to share….

  5. the first photo was taken in pakistan, and the girl was afghan refugee and nowadays she caught by pakistani police, and put her in jail because because she was using illegal ID card issued by Pakistani department NADRA, they imprisoned her and fined her for one lacs pakistani rupees, which is huge money for a refugee, and the national geographic magazine payed her for that photograph but the famous journalist rahim ullah yousafzai, who interview Usama bin laden after 9/11 got her money and used that money for his own expanses. she need a justice. she is not a criminal shez just an innocent refugee. rise voice for her.

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