hey everybody this is my first youtube
video I’m really excited about it I decided to start this journey with a
documentary series about connecting with people this first one is about a
photographer I met had a bus stop hope you enjoy and thanks for watching you’re the only young person that has spoken to me in in I’ll bet you, I mean
outside of my family, I would bet in ten years I bet it’s been that long then me
say that anybody that much younger than me has walked up to me and spoken to me
even just to say hello: a photographer’s story in my situation I’m gradually losing my motor
reflexes my my motor functions so as I lose them the list of things I cannot do
gets longer and longer and longer and the list of things I can do to get
shorter and shorter one of the things Of the things passionately interested in photography is kind of, aside from my
family, photography is kind of the last thing on the list. I don’t have I don’t
have a back-up plan for photography in the end and the only thing that
matters in photography is whether you’re shooting an interesting subject and
whether it’s properly lit in beautiful light and whether it’s composed properly
and and it makes a picture you have to make a picture out of it
you know in that sense you know in that sense the camera really couldn’t matter less and if any questions comment below if
you don’t have any question let me know who inspires you. Hit that
like button if you enjoyed it, subscribe if you’d like to see more also be
releasing a podcast a longer interview we’ve had. And in the future I’ll be
interviewing more people so stick around for more thought-provoking conversations
if all goes well thanks so much for watching and see you next time

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