HDMI Input Problems – TV Not Showing Image – TV Repair Help and Troubleshooting

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  1. Wow thanks Einstein for letting me know to try the other port and that if it works, number 1 is bad! Wow-how informative.

  2. Have a Vizio M470NV, all the HDMI ports went out at the same time. Is this possible on the main board for them all to go out? What component would be behind them all going out.

  3. Hey why cant the adio on my element tv not work when i put it on HDMI 1,2,3 it says DVI 1,2 or 3 and it always happens when I try to connect my screenbeam mini 2 and my phone to the TV

  4. Thanks for telling me to switch to the other hdmi port. Like I haven’t tried that already. How the fuck do I fix this without you advertising your boonk ass company

  5. I have a Sanyo dp42840 2010 I believe, no sound but great picture remote not working correctly to reset back to factory settings how can I reset to factory settings without remote? Please help

  6. I have a Polaroid TV I only have one HDMI port and I'm having a with the port I have to take any HDMI that I use and put up words at an angle for it to work please help

  7. What if both ports don't work? Is there such a thing as an older HDMI tech that doesn't work with newer HDMI sources? I don't have an older HDMI source to test this. I am aware of HDMI 1.0, vs 2.0 cables, but I am using 1.0 cables. Am I missing something, or is it that both of my HDMI ports are just bad?

  8. If your hdmi port 1 dose not work then try hdmi port 2 if this works you know that you have a problem with hdmi port 1

    This is all he sais for over half of the video

  9. I connected my Apple TV and then switched to that hdmi port but it goes black then comes back and it just keeps going how do I fix this ?

  10. This is one of the dumbest video I have ever seen. One that was dumber is the one that said if you wake up this morning and the sun did not rise in the east, then the end of the world may soon be at hand. In that case call Jimmy's to see if a new sun may be available for your area before the world actually ends.

  11. Powered HDMI Splitter Solution. I have the 49 inch Aquos. The TV is a bad one but the picture is good. My HDMI inputs are all troublesome except the first position. The rest have no signal. Replacing the board is no longer possible because the board is obsolete and no longer stocked. The problem can't be fixed but it can be remedied. Use a powered HDMI splitter and the Aquos will get the signal. Maybe back in the day "Sharp minds make Sharp products" but today it is just junk.

  12. My ports work but it makes the tv all static and it’s all different colours and makes this loud static noise. Sometimes it works some times it doesn’t idek what to do.

  13. I have 3 HDMI port on my TV 2 of my port not working properly whenever I connect my PS4 to those port my games start lagging and choppying heavily …… Don't know what should I do right know

  14. I need to change the HDMI input to my projector I have a hitachi CP-WX4022WN 3LCD. I need the part number so i can order it for self install.

  15. I have a jvc lt40c750 a. smart tv and it will not connect to the Internet with my wireless WiFi device it just keeps freezing on the Internet part of the menu and even my sky box wunt work through the hdmi cable I have posted a video on my channel of my problem I have heard it could be the WiFi adapter module

  16. I have a problem with my andriod box it's not getting signal to the TV I have already tried different cables but no use I have also tried heating it up and it didn't solve it

  17. Hello do you have a fix for hdmi cec anynett Samsung model LN52B550K1FXZA version SS02 tv wont turn on after dissconnected nvidia shield from hdmi port and when connecting nvidia shield back to hdmi tv turns off and on or doesn't do anything I have unplugged tv from wall for two days and no power has a red light not blinking thank you for your time

  18. brilliant solution of the smart person in the universe… bego lo ngelawak.. nenek2 yg ngomong prabroro juga tau klo tinggal ganti mainboard doang sih.. toot…

  19. Bullcrap! The mother Baurd would cost more or the same amount the tv is worth! Why not do us a video on how to toss it in the trash and toddle off to to the shop to buy another tv! Cheaper and less hassle

  20. Mine is older (~2005) and has a loose hdmi port due to a bad solder joint and I don’t have the equipment or money to fix it :/

  21. My TV won't work and it won't show a picture but when I turn it on it shows a little icon and it says please wait and it is a insigia tv

  22. Banana pi BPI-W2 open source hardware ,support HDMI in function with Realtek RTD1296, Quad-core ARM Cortex-A53 chip design

  23. Question. My cable is ran in through an hdmi cable and it has times where it cycles in and off, the picture could be anything from a clean image to absolute snow, and may be quiet or may make a very loud high pitched wine that can't be turned down. What's odd is it works fine on everything not ran by hdmi. Any thoughts as to what is broke or how to fix it?

  24. Bro Thank you, I just removed tHE HDMI cable from its place and put it in another cable place!!!

  25. This is OH SO INFORMATIVE for those of us who know how and when to replace these parts, but what about when it's clearly a software issue because the manufacturer NEVER UPDATES THIER FIRMWARE (Looking at Funai and their craptastic 32 inch LED, in case you think I'm kidding)

  26. At first I was like ahhh yeah that looks a lot like my tv I have taken a part! This guy will show how to fix it!……His solution, try a different HDMI port. Wow, I wish I thought of that before opening up the tv. I was doing it all wrong

  27. Hello, thanks for the tutorial, my samsung 75 was hit during a lightning storm, non of the HDMI ports work or does the cable in port. Is there a way to test? I have removed the board for replacement if necessary but another question is if it was hit by lightning will the voltage spike travel past the board with the HDMI ports? could it be another board got spiked? the tv still turns on and wifi still connects just non of the accessory ports work such as the HDMI USB CABLE/ANT.

  28. not to often ( never until now ) that i can personally find justification for all the 👎that most of videos here on youtube receive, but,,,,,, there is a first time for everything i guess!!!!

  29. Holy fuck.
    So you're telling me if one HDMI port isn't working to just try the others? And if they don't work potentially the problem is with the device?
    That has to be wrong. There's no fuckin' way. If you're right you're a God damn genius

  30. If it’s a ps3 that’s connected to the tv, or ps4 just hit the power button for 10 seconds when off and is showing a red light, you should hear one beep for the “turning on” if you continue to hold the button it should make another beep, after you hear that other beep let go, the ps3 should work and turn on and should go back together

  31. I was watching a movie through my Sony HDMI reciever and all of the sudden the picture went out I tried different HDMI Ports but still no picture I then connected the ps4 to the tv directly and worked fine but with the hdmi utilizing the hdmi that came with the ps4 how can I resolve this?

  32. I’m having trouble with my lightning cord HDMI port one is showing image with our DVD player but not with my phone what do you recommend

  33. I am in trouble with my HDMI lightning cord the DVD player works on port oneBut not with my phone what do you recommend

  34. Ok I have a 50 in Sanyo tv I’m not sure exactly what year or model but I’ve been trying to get my ps4 to connect but I get no single and when I reset my ps4 the screen just goes black like it wants to work but no picture ever hdmi port does the same thing can you give me any ideas

  35. I always connect my phone to tv by smart view but now is not working. It shows the Chromecast but after few seconds the screen goes black.

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