Google Glass: How to take pictures and videos

One quick and easy way to take a photo on
Glass is to push the button on top of the frame. You can tap on the photo and share it with
one of your Google+ contacts. Record a video by holding down the camera
button for one second. The video will stop after ten seconds unless
you push the camera button. Stop the video by pushing the button again.

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11 thoughts on “Google Glass: How to take pictures and videos

  1. Please start selling this innovative marvel to everyone! Use Motorola to sell globally, even if only for online store. ☺/

  2. Glass is so cool, I got a invitation to buy the prototype, except i'm 14 and don't $1500 to spare. Can't wait to see them in person when they come out some time in the future tho!
    #GoogleGlass #Amazing

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