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  1. I'm curious what camera are you using right now? I want to get a feel for whats most popular right now and why?

  2. Over a year later, I'm a bit late to the party. New to taking video seriously, but long time stills photographer, I have this question…

    I understand the value of shooting in log. So far, across many YouTube videos saying the same thing, I'm not hearing anyone give the analogy of shooting stills in JPG vs. raw. Is that a correct analogy? You keep more information for post processing, although you must post-process. Shooting in log? It's like shooting in raw.

  3. Matti, thanks for the excellent content. Iā€™m relatively new to exploring the nuances of high quality pics and video. Your content has opened my eyes to new tips and techniques and your style of delivering information is tops. Rock on, brother.

  4. Hey man, really doubt that you will read this but please help me.

    I'm using a Canon Vixia HF R800, and to my knowledge, it has no log option, and i also cannot control the sharpness, contrast etc…
    I can change the exposure, zoom type, white balance and focus

    Any help? Or any hack or something?

  5. Ok so I have been using a 6D mark ii and I watch your videos. I was struggling with the picture profile and I was like I know you have a video on it.

  6. Isaac, I agree with most of your thoughts about the future. But where we diverge is that I am not optimistic about human beings, not as much as you. The reasons for this are varied, I won't go into the details here, but if you are into in a conversation about it, please let me know.
    Thank you for your wonderful videos, really enjoy them.

  7. I use the canon T3i and I love it! before I shot videos on a camcorder but now I have more setting's and I can learn with my camera!

  8. you can install a clog on like canon 60D or other drsl camera just google this and you can find it ps its not free tho
    Now available ā€“ EOSHD Picture Profiles brings C-LOG to all Canon DSLRs including 1D X Mark II and 5D Mark IV

  9. Hey Matti, would you recommend using this LOG / custom LOG (if your camera doesn't have it) technique for still photography as well, or is this more just for videography?

  10. I got my camera yearsss ago and I don't feel I'm ready to get a new one just because I haven't mastered it yet. Will a canon 500D be good enough to shoot videos? (I'm mostly into photography but recently getting into videos)

  11. Hi Matti, I am new to all this profiles and I have a question about C-LOG. The C-LOG or color profiles only work on video or can I use them only in photography? I ask because I have a 6D Mark II and I only use it for photography and I would like to use a C-LOG for photography only. Thanks

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