For Honor: Wrath of Jörmungandr | Cinematic Trailer | Ubisoft [NA]

NARRATOR: We arrived
on the bleak shores of [INAUDIBLE] stronghold to
end the war once and for all. [SOUNDS OF BATTLE] We knew that Vikings
would not yield quietly. Yet none of us
knights expected this. The wrath of the Jormungandr. That was when it all
began, the Earth’s reckoning some call Ragnarok.

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100 thoughts on “For Honor: Wrath of Jörmungandr | Cinematic Trailer | Ubisoft [NA]

  1. I just realized something.
    on one of the maps i noticed a giant bull/buffallo head or i dont know what it is. but i estimated that it's head had almost the same size as Jormunganders.
    Does that mean that there are more giant creatures besides Jormungander?
    What if the samurais would get a dragon or something ?

  2. Just don't know how Thor turned into a girl and how him and Jörmungandr turned into friends.
    But the event is still awesome!! I really loved it

  3. That bloody hell shiny hammer came out, lots of bugs and game crushes are happening. It looks cool but I can't play the game. Stop making severs with some potatoes.

  4. Now what type bs is this!! The knight fraction already struggling and now we have to hear Nicki Minaj anaconda while we fight the vikings. Can the knights at least summon a dragon or god ubi.

  5. Vikings: HAHAHAHA!
    Knights: a godly Hammer? Giant Snake??

    OH BOY, here goes another Crusade on the PAGANS!

  6. Imagine a game that the protagonist goes to the army and they do an experiment that is to blow a bomb in the clear in the middle of a hurricane was going to be top !!!

  7. knights: now u r going to die
    Snake shows up
    Knights: We should probably go back and fight for Jerusalem instead

    Took me 15 minutes to figure out how i should write this

  8. So, in the captions of the official trailer on the official Ubisoft North America account in youtube there's an "[INAUDIBLE]" as if the guy who made them just didn't even read a single word of ubisoft's update. How unprofessional can a company be. By the way the [INAUDIBLE] is "Storr", tell the guy, see if he learns something.

  9. They could have put more work into Jörmungandr. Just looks like a giant cobra with lightning powers. Still I appreciate all the things their bringing to this game. I hope the samurai get a Dragon or a Kitsune.

  10. Season of Vortiger- "And then the vortiger proceeded to kill an extraordinary amount of people whilst not repenting"
    Season of Sakura- "And then some people proceeded into the secluded spooky mountains for no reason as Shang Tsung ate their souls"
    Season of Hulda- "And then the knights tried to take a single territory from the Vikings only to be punished by a giant lightning snake that would send them back to the stone age of the Faction War"

  11. It was established very clearly that even though it’s a fantasy setting, any supernatural elements are implied at most.

    Sooooooo dafuq?

  12. Why don't we have a assassins creed type hybrid character?(i would happily pay 20000 steel to get that character) max rep earns the assassins creed 1 gear

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