Film Photography at Night

So welcome guys. This is my friend Mei. She is a model, you might want to check her
out on Instagram later. But anyways, So today were going to shoot
with this film camera. It’s the Pentax K1000 and the lens is a Zoom
Master 35-70. The whole thing costs less than 100 bucks. We’re gonna shoot tonight and we’re gonna
be shooting film so I hope you guys like it. Peace. Alright so let’s talk a little bit about the
gear, because people are always asking me about the gear first. This is the K1000 – very old, it’s a film
camera and since we are shooting with film. We’re going to need a tripod so I have a tripod
with me now I’m gonna get a flood a questions about this but no I don’t always use a tripod
at night. I only use a tripod if I am doing landscapes
or if I am using film. Because it is a much slower shutter speed. Anyways, we’re using Cinestill 800 film. 800 is for the film speed. Because you need higher film speed when you
are shooting at night. I got it online from Hong Kong but if you
are in the states you can get it from the States easily. It’s just cheaper to get it from Hong Kong
for me. So I am going to put it in here. Then we are going to go shoot. So… open it… here… Now.. 1.. 2… 3…And we are set. Alright so one thing I didn’t go over, since
we are using film, we’re going to be using really low shutter speeds. That means if you are trying to take candid
pictures of people, they are going to come out kind of blurry. So we have a model today, that is why I asked
her to help me. So she can stand still while I use the film
camera. On a tripod. Also, since we are shooting film. And we are not so sure about the light settings,
the settings I am going to use on the camera. I want to suggest this App that I use, it
is called Lux. This one is for the iPhone but basically I
just put in my aperture and the ISO or in this case the film speed and it gives me like
the correct exposure for the shutter speed. those are two things I wanted to get out of
the way and right now let’s get to shooting. Can you do the hand thing again? Yeah, it’s just for focusing reasons. It is kind of difficult to focus in the dark. Okay so we were trying to get our model there
in the middle walking by herself but so many people and cars are just coming, like they
just keep coming I don’t know why. So we are going to change direction, we are
going to try and get a picture of a bunch of people walking towards the sign. And it should look good anyways. Okay so let me tell you guys a little about
what I am doing, since it is film. Obviously focusing is kind of tricky so I
am taking two or three shots at each location and I am also making sure to use the app to
make sure my lighting is on point. So…we won’t know until we develop the pictures,
how they come out. But right now it’s going pretty well. So let’s get to it. Ready? 3, 2, 1… Alright so I hope you guys enjoyed this video
as much as we liked shooting. Remember please follow Mei I’ll put the instagram
link down below. And yeah we had a good time, if this is your
first time on the channel please be sure to subscribe and remember stop asking me what
camera I use or lens…Right? Anyways, that’s a joke…I’ll see you around. Bye

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29 thoughts on “Film Photography at Night

  1. Nice video i enjoyed alot and the shots was amazing πŸ™†β€β™€οΈπŸ§‘πŸ’™πŸ’œπŸ§‘πŸ’œπŸ’™πŸ§‘

  2. I miss working with film so much, your color is fantastic. How do you digitize your film

    I need to shoot a couple rolls in New York this fall when the leaves start changing colors.

  3. These shots are insane. This aesthetic just comes to life even more on film. I would love to see more!

  4. Hi, great work again !
    I have an old pentax k20d and some pretty basic lens, and i'm wondering how i can choose the right aperture and shutter speed for dark light street environments like this, i know you're doing it with Lux but could you give me some advices to do it manually ?

  5. so anwsome! The app you use is ok for starting night shots? (I mean do you had bad results) Also you do not use a trigger cable ?

  6. Film, especially at night is great. Medium format at night is AWESOME!

    For 35mm, you may want to just get an autofocus body. There is enough to worry about, shooting at night, without trying to focus manually in the dark. For that matter, while I have never used one, I have read good things about Pentax's 645N, their 645 medium format film camera……………….which works with autofocus lenses.

    The section of South Korea that you were in, looks like a great place to shoot.

    Great model! If I were wearing a hat, I'd take it off to her. Any woman who will pose for you in an alley ……………at night, is aces in my book.

  7. Yo my man, please answer a question. I have a D7100, which I love except low light performance.

    Does film handle grain better (I know part of it is which film speed you use)? I thought about getting one for low light and using it just for that.

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  9. To be honest, that's not how to shoot Cinestill 800t. You need to be slightly over exposed at night and have multiple artificial light sources and you will get a great cinematic vibe. I don't see that in the results. I actually shoot it with my K1000 too, but never on a tripod. I just keep it between f2.8 and f4 and with a minimum shutter speed of 1/60th. Gives great results when you've found the sweet spot.

  10. I'm really sorry, but this is a waste of a roll of Cinestill. I read bellow that you are going for the cyberpunk look and that gives you a bit of an excuse, but still, wasting such a lovely emulsion like Vision3 with a zoom lens is borderline criminal.

    You should have went with Portra 400 and pulled it 1 or 2 stops (in the light meter, not in processing), that way you would get your long exposures and would get that look you are after. Also, using an app for measuring light is a bad advice. Just get a proper light meter and always meter for the shadows when shooting film. That Pentax also has lovely companion fast primes – a 50/1.4 or any of the 135mm from 1.8 to 2.8 are all insanely good. If you want the halation of cinestill, don't forget it's a Vision3 500T without the remjet, so overexpose that, too. All Cinestill, Portra 160 and Portra 400 are Vision3 films in one way or another, after all. Also with long exposures on film, it's inevitable that you would hit the reciprocity failure of the emulsion, which is what happened on some of your frames.

  11. Those photos are absolutely stunning, I was so amazed by the composition of every single frame of yours. And that cinematic color is definitely breath-taking. I’m so glad that I found an amazing film photography channel like this one. It would be nice if you let me know what is the lens that you used for this shooting?

  12. YOU THINK I MISSED THAT POKEMON GO DUDE, WE GOTTA BE FRIENDS WHAT EVEN. Hahahahahaha. This is a sick vid man. I enjoyed watching your process as always!!

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