FIFA 17 Demo – The Journey – Official Cinematic Trailer, ft. Alex Hunter, Reus, Di Maria, Kane

Come on Alex Go on Alex, take them on. You lads are here today to prove that you’ve got the skills to make it in the professional game. Are you ready? One day we’re playing in some puddles in Clapham, the next, we’re strutting it against Los Blancos. A real chance here. Alex Hunter! We’ve arrived Gaz. Good match, Alex Hunter. Angel, Alex Hunter. ¿Cómo estás? Just don’t get too dazzled. It can disappear just like that. Real opening now! Hunter has missed a great chance. How does it feel to have signed? Another striker? They’re planning on playing Gareth in behind him. What?! Going out on loan could be the making of you lad. I just want to play football. Chin up mate. You’ll pull through. Sometimes you just need to let things go. Kick. Footballs. Into. The net. Come on it’s not that complicated! Well, well, look who’s back. Glory. Passion. Drama. It’s got it all. Win, and you will become legends! Time ticking away. Hunter, making tracks to the middle. Here’s Hunter! It’s a penalty! It’s all come down to this. Come on Alex. Go on Alex take them on. Did that really just happen?

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