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Hi, my name’s Neil Lloyd-Meek, part of brand development back in PUK. We’re here today to tell everyone about a brand new Pan-European concept that we’re just about to launch. This is where we’re going to take pro photographers and join them together with our amazing LUMIX G system. The UK Ambassador Program has now been running for a number of months, and back in the UK, we’ve had a major success with this program. Here, joining me today is Ferdinand Wolf, who will be part of the Pan-European Ambassador Program. Hi, nice to meet you.
Hi, nice to meet you too. You’ve obviously spent many years working in photography, probably using many systems. Yes. Recently, you’ve started to use the LUMIX G system. Yes. What are your first thoughts and what did you love about LUMIX G system? So, I think the LUMIX G system, the great thing about the LUMIX G system is that it packs a lot of features and the robustness of a professional camera into a very small form factor, and gives us from a creativity standpoint the opportunity to do what you’d expect from a large-sized professional equipment in a very small form factor camera to take with you wherever you go. Brilliant. I know you’ve been using the GH4.
Yes. For your day-to-day job.
Yes. A camera again that’s been a roaring success for Panasonic. What are some of the key features that you use on the GH4, and how do you feel about the GH4? So actually, we upgraded from the GH3 to the GH4, and we use it on drones so we do aerial video and aerial photography. And one of the key features for us was that you get 4K video in that same body of the GH3 so we upgraded from 1080p to 4K without having to change anything. We could use the same drone, same body size, same weight, and now we have the option to shoot in 4K, which is cool for shooting video but is awesome for getting stills as well because we can extract 8 megapixel stills from the 4K videos we shoot. Brilliant. Obviously the 4K PHOTO has been a major part of the camera, you’ve mentioned that you use it. We’ve had a lot of kind of feedback about the system. How do you feel 4K will change the industry, and more importantly 4K PHOTO? Um, I can speak for myself, for us, 4K has already changed a lot because we don’t have to land and switch to photo mode and go up again and take stills, we can just shoot videos and do stills at the same time. So that’s a huge advantage for us because sometimes we wouldn’t even expect to get a great still while shooting a video, we get a perfect moment and we can just later on extract that 8 megapixel still, that’s great. And for shooting video, 4K gives us the option in the post process to like crop into the image, focus on a specific subject, reframe, and get just more flexibility in the post. Again talking GH4, have you heard about the new updates to the GH4? Of course I have, and that’s one of the nice things being an ambassador, I’ve already got it, so at the moment we are currently experimenting with the new feature – should we mention it? Yes, we can definitely talk about the V-Log feature, it seems to be out there. It’s something we asked for a long time because what we do is we get to a film set and usually we’re one of the cameras on the film set, and usually you have different types of cameras that need to be matched in the post process. So having this new V-Log option now enables the post process, the people in the post process, to match the cameras way better because you have a flat picture profile, and you can match all the different cameras on the film set in the post bit. And of course it offers more dynamic range, which is great in post as well. So you’re not fixed to a certain look, which you were before you had the V-Log option. Brilliant. And obviously we’ve also launched, recently launched a brand new camera with GX8 which again, I know you’ve had a little bit of experience with.
Yes, I love it. Again, what’s your opinion on the GX8? So, GX8 is for me, it’s replacing my old DSLRs, to be honest. So I shot on DSLRs for many many years and the GX8 is one of the first cameras in a small form factor which completely replaces this because it gives me the resolution, 20 megapixels, which I expect from a professional camera, and a rather compact form factor, but it’s not too small, it feels like a really solid camera which can be used professionally because it has the right form factor. You can like…very good grip, um, I love the viewfinder, so I love that on the GX7 already, you can just do this and don’t have to duck like this. And of course you get the 4K PHOTO as well so what we do a lot, we film motor sports with a drone so and having this, I use it like a behind-the-scenes camera to take some action stills for motor sports and 4K PHOTO is perfect for that because you can really try to get the perfect moment of a drifting car because you have 30 frames per second where you can extract the perfect moment. And on a traditional camera you were limited to a frame rate from 12 to 15 frames and you had to be lucky to get the perfect shot. Now you double the frame rate and you can just choose the perfect still. Okay, brilliant. Well, it’s been lovely to meet you, welcome to the Panasonic team. Thank you. Having an Ambassador Program, now having a Pan-European Ambassador Program really helps us at Panasonic promote the wonderful products that we produce. Hope this little interview has given you a tip into the Ambassador Program, a little bit of an insight into how a professional uses the LUMIX G system. Thank you. Thank you.

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