Fairfax County: Test Track for the Future of Autonomous Vehicles

So, we are here today at
the Fairfax County Government Center for a
connected and autonomous vehicle event which they
are using to promote and provide understanding of
the technology to the people in the community,
local government. They have brought together a panel of
industry, universities as well as government to talk
about that and today. Autonomous vehicles are
basically driverless cars, cars that can run on their
own. A connected vehicle is a technology that is used
to connect vehicles with each other or with
infrastructure so they communicate and know about
each other and react accordingly. So, we have
set up today here in Fairfax County, a demo
system of connected vehicles. And in that, we
show both V2V or vehicle to vehicle technology and V2I
or vehicle to infrastructure technology.
So the V2V is basically two cars communicating and in
this case we have one car coming from the side and we
get a warning saying that a car is coming and we can
react accordingly. In the second demonstration a car
up ahead has hit its brakes and we get a warning
immediately. The second part of it is V2I or
vehicle to infrastructure, in this case we are getting
warnings if we are going over a certain speed as we
enter a construction zone or a curve area. We are
also getting information where we are interacting
with the traffic light, so the traffic light is not
only telling us its status like it is green, red or
yellow but also how long until it switches and the
driver can act accordingly, either take his foot of the
brakes or slow down appropriately to make it
through the light. It is important to have
expositions like we are having today to inform the
public about this connected and autonomous or
driverless technology that is coming, because it is
going to have a huge impact on their lives in the not
too distant future.

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