Extreme Precision Macro for Modern Mirrorless and DSLR Cameras with NOVOFLEX Macro Auto-Bellows

NOVOFLEX bellows systems are renowned for
quality construction, versatility, and durability. Today, we are introducing the latest addition
to the NOVOFLEX Bellows lineup… the NEW Automatic Macro Bellows
These new Automatic Bellows are made for a variety of popular camera systems, including
mirrorless systems. Easy to carry, “smart” bellows transfers
all data from lens to camera and camera to lens giving all the information you would
normally get with the lens attached directly to the camera. NOVOFLEX Automatic Macro Bellows are small
enough to carry with you all the time. Measuring just 5.7 inches long and 3.5 inches
wide at its widest point, you can always have macro ability with you even when you’re
on the go. NOVOFLEX Automatic Macro Bellows features
full data transmission between camera and lens
through the contacts on the automatic mounting system.
All you have to do is mount your camera to the camera mount side
and add a camera lens to the other side. It works just like mounting a lens directly
to your camera. Change your aperture and the system will automatically adjust:
– auto stop down – auto exposure modes
– and all metadata is recorded. This full data transfer is made possible by
the detachable automatic coupling. This can be detached and used as a reversing ring. NOVOFLEX Automatic Macro Bellows is better
than extension tubes because it is completely variable. Extension
Tubes come in fixed lengths and multiple tubes must be used to get to longer extension lengths.
Using multiple extension tubes introduces multiple connections and these connections
have a certain amount of clearance that could cause movement of the tubes when you’re
using them. Because depth of field is limited in macro
photography we want to avoid movement that could affect image sharpness.
And we all know what happens when couplings are used over and over. The bushings can wear
introducing even more potential movement into the shot.
NOVOFLEX Automatic Macro Bellows provide a smooth, continuous movement through entire
travel distance. German engineering and precisely made parts ensure your camera and lens mount
securely and hold steady even for long exposure and a super shallow depth of field.
Pulled all the way back the extension is 76 mm
Fully extended NOVOFLEX Automatic Macro Bellows give you a full hundred sixteen millimeters
of extension. Some macro lenses do not allow the user to achieve 1 to 1 magnification.
For instance, the ZEISS Milvus 100mm Macro’s maximum magnification is
1 to 2. Add NOVOFLEX Automatic Macro bellows and the
magnification factors go well beyond 1 to 1.
Use your existing macro lenses and get more creativity at higher magnification factors.
Most standard kit lenses combined with the Automatic bellows gets you shooting macro
without having to purchase a dedicated macro lens.
For example, using a Fuji 55 to 200 set at 55mm with the NOVOFLEX BAL-FUX Automatic Macro
bellows set at maximum extension magnification is 4.5:1.
To get even higher magnifications with some lenses, all you have to do is reverse the
automatic mounting system and use it with the bellows.
The Automatic Macro bellows is how we achieve magnification.
Add Castel Mini II or any other NOVOFLEX focusing rack for easy composition and focus. NOVOFLEX Automatic Macro Bellows lets you
shoot macro in the studio or in the field. And its future proof and versatile for multiple
camera bodies. Do you have a second camera, or are you planning
to buy another camera? Just add the appropriate auto mounting and reversing ring to your gear.
No need to purchase a second bellows. And you can be sure that as new cameras are
developed, NOVOFLEX will be working hard to make popular cameras not yet released work
with your bellows. Compact enough to carry all the time, precise
German engineering and construction, durable and designed to last a lifetime, allowing
full data transfer – that’s NOVOFLEX Automatic Macro Bellows.
The bellows system allows you to get close-up and
expand your vision into the world of small.

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  1. Can you take the detachable automatic coupling and attach it to the Castbal T/S bellows and therefore have T/S capabilities?

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