English Lesson – Photography & Tech Slang Words you would love to use. ( Learn English Vocabulary)

Hello , thank you for clicking on this video
I am Niharika back with a new lesson for you .Have you noticed some strange technical slang
words that most of the English speakers use it on daily basis and then you keep wondering
what exactly it means? Well, this lesson will tell you what exactly it means. In this lesson
we are gonna look at some slang terms, in fact some technical slang words that belong
to the world of photography, camera or phone. So let’s get started. The first one that
we have over here is Selfie , So are you selfie obsessed, Well many of my friends on Facebook
are selfie obsessed. So what exactly this word mean? Well, Selfie is a self-picture
that is taken by extending your arm and then clicking with the help of a digital camera
or may be your camera phone. So most of the youngsters these days say “Hey will you
take a selfie for me? Or Let’s take aselfie ! So what exactly a selfieis? You extend your
arm and take picture of yourself, you pout,you smile but you are taking a picture of yourself.
That is a selfie, a self-picture. As I said it’s typically taken by extending your arm
but you can also take a self-picture of yourself by clicking it or pointing your camera phone
at a mirror. Many of y’all must have come across pictures that are uploaded on Facebook
or twitter so these pictures are taken, they selfies but they are taken by pointing at
the mirror. Another word here is Groupie;now a groupie
is pretty much like a selfie. Well, the only difference is, that a groupie is taken by
couple of people, basically by two or more members where in one of the member extends
their arm and takes a picture so that all other group members are covered in the picture.
That is a groupie, everybody is doing it these days it it’s pretty much in at the awards,
at any function, at any parties they are these group of friends who get together and they
love taking groupie’s. So that’s a groupie, a self-picture or a picture of lot of members
but again taken by extending your arm. So it is a group picture.
Another word here is a belfie , Strange! Have you ever heard this before? Well, it has a
very funny meaning to it. Well, Belfie means again self-picture but a self-picture of not
yourself but of your buttocks. That is funny are there people around who really take a
belfie. Apparently yes, and that’s exactly the reason why we have the word here. That’s
Belfie. SO Belfie is a self-picture, it is a selfie of your buttocks. So the next time
you come across that kind of a picture you can say Hey, that’s a Belfie, so you know
it what exactly it means and what it is called. The next word over here is photobomb. Now,
when you are taking a picture with your loved one you are smiling and posing for a picture
with your loved one and there goes your friend who just hops in he’s definitely uninvited
but hops into the picture the moment it is taken. So , this means that he photobombed
your picture.so an Univited person who just hops into your picture while it’s been clicked.
So basically he is called a photobomber. So the person who does that will be called a
photobomber and if you see someone doing that you will say, “Hey will you stop photobombing
my picture , Okay , so that’s the word. The next one is shutterbug and if you see
there’s another one here shutter nutter, now shutterbug is an American slang which
is used for a photographer who just eats sleeps drinks photography. All that person loves
to do is take pictures of anything and everything. So that kind of a photographer we call them
a shutterbug that is an American
term for a photographer
who loves taking pictures all day long and shutter nutter is a British slang and
again with the same meaning who eats drinks
sleeps photography. So hope you got this. Let’s move on here, We have Uncle bob. Uncle
Bob, is a slang term used by wedding photographers for a person who keeps distracting every picture
or keeps distracting the wedding photographers. We all have Uncle Bobs in our weddings. You
go to a wedding you will always see a person who’s carrying a camera and clicking pictures
as if he’s been hired for photography. So that’s Uncle Bob for you who keep’s annoying
these wedding photographers because wedding photographers love to be perfect, they love
to do their job and if someone just keeps popping in or comes into their way, they get
really annoyed so that person who keep’s clicking pictures and kinda distract these
wedding photographers, wedding photographers like to call them, call him or her as Uncle
Bob. For someone who keeps disturbing the wedding photographers. Okay.
Then we have Paparazzi, Well, I’m sure you have come across this word especially in glamour
magazines or the newspapers. Well, the paparazzi are media photographers who love taking pictures
of celebrities and especially when the celebrities are busy living their routine life so they
kinda invade their privacy. SO they are paparazzi’s and trust me the celebrities do not like to
be papped, papped I will come to that but they do not like to papped by the paparazzi’s.
So which means they hate to share their pictures to the media when they are leading their normal
life. So paparazzi are the photographers who click celebrities. It’s like they keep stalking
them and they really invade their privacy. Not good but yes that’s paparazzi for you.
The next word is phablet, now this technical slang word is related to a phone. Now a phablet
is something which is a phone plus a tablet. These days we love to buy new phones and especially
people love to buy phablets so they are these phones which can used be used as phone and
as a tablet, Okay! So it has all the features. That’s a phablet for you. The next one is
pap. Well, the word pap means to click. But then again it’s not just to click but to
click celebrities.. SO when I said that the celebrities do not like to papped, papped
means they do not like to be clicked by the paparazzi. So that’s the slang word you
can use: Ahh, poor celebrities can’t even step out of their house without being papped
which means without being clicked by the paparazzi. So that’s the word for you. The next one
is blower, now blower is another technical slang word that is used for a telephone. Get
on the blower, so which means get on the telephone, so that’s a slang word for the telephone.
Then we have hotspot. Hot Spot is a wireless network that you find in a coffee shop, in
restaurants. So it is a local wireless connection that you can connect your laptops or phone
to. So it’s basically wireless network connection. So like when you go for a cup of coffee to
Starbucks, they offer hotspot, they offer wireless connection. So that is the slang
word used for a wireless connection. The next one infact the last one that I have
for you is Brick, well, Brick what you think it means. Brick means a big huge phone. These
days there are phone companies that are introducing these big hugephones, Most of them are phablets.
So, these phablets are huge. So when you are talking it just feels like you are holding
a brick to you ear. So many people say “Oh My God! Look at your phone; it’s a brick
“So which means your phone is big, it’s huge and most probably it is a phablet. So
brick is big phone. But I like using big phones, I like using the brick, that’s how I can
say it. So these are some technical slang words that are now turned into plain English,
which means that English speakers use these words on daily basis. So start using them
and hope this lesson is useful to you, I will be back with a new lesson soon. Thank you
for watching this video till then you take care.

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  1. I can't help but noticed that you kept saying 'cele.brity instead of ce'lebrity !!! Sorry not try to be picky. You did a good job explaining the terms

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