Ellen’s Hidden Camera Prank on Unsuspecting Holiday Shoppers – Part 2

So last week I sent my
writer Adam to Michaels to offer free gift wrapping
and I showed you a little bit of what happened last week. Here’s the rest. All right, do you guys need
any free gift wrapping? Nice. Is this going to be
through the holiday season? Yeah. It’ll be every day through
the holidays, until tomorrow. Wait? What do you mean until– It’s every day throughout
the holidays until tomorrow and then it’s over. Oh, OK. Oh. But like, starting
tomorrow, so today’s it. That’s weird. How long’s it been going on? Just today. It’s every– it’s every
day, but just, like, it’s every day today and
then it ends tomorrow. Every day today? Yeah. All day every day
free gift wrapping and then tomorrow it ends. After that you have
to wrap them yourself. OK. Hi. Do you need any
free gift wrapping? Yeah. The grocery stores,
they’re already packed. I don’t even wanna go in. You need help? I got it. [LAUGHTER] Do you want the express service? It goes a little faster. I’ll give you the
express version. [LAUGHTER] Nah, I got time. [LAUGHTER] Yeah, it’s free gift wrapping. You can tip if you’d like,
but it’s free otherwise. [LAUGHTER] A tip? Yeah. Hi. You need any free
gift wrapping today? Yes, please. [LAUGHTER] There we go and then we can
perfume the paper for you also, if you’d like. [LAUGHTER] Then there’s, like, a nice
fresh smell when they open it. [LAUGHTER] There you go. They might check
this on the way out, so I’m just going
to mark what it is. [LAUGHTER] On the gift wrap? Yeah. So that one’s a puzzle. [LAUGHTER] And then we’ll just write
candle on here, so they know. But then they won’t know– in case they want to
check what they are. Yeah. Yeah, you can just
cross scratch it off. They just need to see what
it is inside on your receipt. But we didn’t want them to
see what it was, though. What’s that? All right. Here, give it back to then. I can just cross it out. Wait. Wait. No, I can just– [LAUGHTER] Is that better? Yeah. Um, sure. I don’t really
work for Michaels, I work for the Ellen
DeGeneres Show. So we’re doing we’re doing
a hidden camera piece. Oh. So there’s hidden
cameras up here. You wanna wave to the camera? That explains it. Yeah. [LAUGHTER] Way less of a reaction than
I hoped for, but great. [LAUGHTER] [APPLAUSE] Adam, thank you so much. If you still have wrapping,
get yourselves some Scotch tape and get going.

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