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  1. I love your editing, I think that many of the people in comments don't like the results mainly because you are editing other people photos, and your editing is so unique in your style

  2. Thanks for your videos! I was wondering – did any girls submit photos or were they all guys? If so, I'm definitely submitting some next time!! 🙂

  3. Omg firs one is aljaz and I just thought this is slovenian name and then you say he is from slovenia🇸🇮

    Greetings from 🇸🇮

  4. Am I the only one that noticed that the random mountain doesnt go with the sun? The sun is shining on the subject from the left but in de mountain pic from the right

  5. Yes, he said Col-O-rad-O. So this happens, there is always icy mountain even on sunny days! I see a lot of y'all saying he ruined it, but it does fit in perfectly with the mindset he had going for the backround.

  6. Please do not forget that he wants to edit them so that they don't look like better picture but like an artpiece in itself. Not always to my liking as well, but his choices

  7. Hi. i am from Maldives.
    Wanna send you a picture to edit. how do i do that?
    i have watched all your videos you're my inspiration 🙂

  8. The only thing i didn't like about the icey mountain desert thing was the ahaddows they are in a different orientation so it buggs with my brain

  9. since the beginning of the video he didn't forget to remind these ignorant viewers, who knows nothing but to critique stupidly, that all of the editing that he will do will be based on his OWN style or what he wants to do with the images. So stop lecturing him on what should or what could've he done with his edits. Everyone has their own preferences so stop being a total ass and just appreciate … or shut up!

  10. I really liked the mountain! Maybe if it was slightly more blurred, smaller and flipped (light source coming from opposite side)… but it’s all personal preference! Beautiful edits

  11. Well… I’m a newbie and watching this vid was absolutely great…. thank you so much for sharing your talent with all of us. I’ve messed around with photography 20+ years ago and am lost in today’s technology. I’m an electrical engineer so I’m not completely in the south field, but appreciate your dedication to the craftsmanship. Thank you.

  12. Jesus, why is this guy getting so much hate? Just because it's not a style you like doesn't mean it isn't a good edit.

  13. good inspiration. I wouldn't do some of the edits the way you did it, but as a amateur photographer you gave me a lot of ideas how to go about my edits.

  14. Hello i really Liked Your video and i was won dering what appliacation is best for editing your photos on mobile? Thanks

  15. I'm not a photographer or editor at all but I can tell you the mountain in the desert and the fog on the old man were both awful. Now, I really like the snowy ice hiker guy and the "urban" shot.

  16. Hi Peter, can you edit two blurred photos of mine? I would greatly appreciate your help; you're very kind!
    Btw, you look like Jon Snow, my favorite GOT character.

  17. How did he change the color of the jacket ? I want to do it for leaves in an image i have without affecting the person in the imagine

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