DUMBEST CRIMINALS Who Got Caught on Camera

Oh, no, what’s he he’s just stealing her phone out of her pocket. She didn’t even notice Imagine the feeling when she no. Oh, oh wait. This guy just stole it from this guy. Oh It’s a double thief crossing oh oh, but he was just doing a good deed He’s like you dropped your phone miss. They do say two wrongs. Don’t make a right, but Jim Woody’s these video they’re searching him. They find evidence. He’s like can’t go to jail if I eat the evidence Guys He did not sure did take a look at this quick criminal. Okay? Walks away she did not just put a whole Flat-screen TV under her skirt and walk away. How do you even walk with something that big in between your legs? Don’t answer that but like wouldn’t it just like fall down? Also some say that the blu-ray player is still up there okay, so he’s a walking by checking out the situation walks away and Puts on the mask as if we can’t tell by his spotted pants Why we are dealing with some of the smartest criminals the world have ever seen ever So intelligent I mean if you’re a criminal you’re just dumb in general. I think this one’s juicy yours Is that yours? Oh You need some help yes, this is our stuff yes This is all ice All of it the tires the bag this is all our stuff My kids. Yeah, that’s my kids Look her face. Look how dumb she’s playing like. Oh There’s a massive canopy isn’t mine Hmm as if she’s not a thief criminals just love to lie. Don’t they? Let it slide in time I’m not making it slide. Yeah, lady like he could call the cops on you at this point Just be thankful walk away and never do that again No, no step away from my how about that? She’s scary guys, she’s so scary Like you’re literally trying to steal from someone and now you’re mad at him Dude He’s laughing, haha can’t relate. Okay, so she looks highly suspicious she’s fidgeting. Okay? Okay should go sit down She’s sitting down Oh, what are you trying to do? What does she owe this? We see her hand torchy, okay What is she doing? What are you trying? There’s nothing there lady With a glass she moved the glass. Okay, the plot thickens Wow almost got caught see her sweating She’s sweating lady. You think you’re not caught but you’re on camera. Okay, now her friends are creating a divergence Her friends are trying to block this the thief. Oh, no, what is she going for? Like that’s massive She just puts it Wow, just hides it under her clothing ballsy. Okay, he’s just gonna put on chain, you know, just testing it out going for tests Right. I’m just waiting for half to bolt. Is he gonna bolt with that on like just like Okay, he’s buying time Actually, like he really likes that. I’m not sure if I want to buy this horse to it Oh, oh, he’s making a run for it and the doors locked you just casually walks by like oh Yeah wasn’t trying to run I start Wow, that’s so awkward. That’s so awkward and He’s arrested. I didn’t know but apparently They can lock the doors No, so don’t you’re ready if you can’t afford an expensive Golden chain, do you really need that? Is it a life necessity? Not really? Like I’m sure your life is fine without that gold change either don’t steal it or work hard and buy it with your hard-earned money Like hack by Ozzy this guy was in for a crappy surprise Literally he thought he was stealing someone else but instead he stole Laxatives laxatives, you know Mickey go to the toilet a lot and he’s in jail too. So I Shop lifted at Petsmart guys not all shoplifters are humans. Some of them are good boys Nobody suspects the good boys This guy robbed someone’s phone and I used the same stolen phone to order Uber eats food to himself and then obviously the cops found out where he was staying because he used his address How dumb can you be? And this isn’t even a face of like sadness This is a faces like he knows it was his fault Like he’s like can’t blame anybody but myself this guy was trying to steal a guitar, you know Somehow he thought he was gonna get away with it his face dude. You messed up. Yeah, I did I thought it was a well known fact what those phone wires are for like you can’t steal the phone He’s like a little like ping pong not ping pong ball, what are those things called with the paddles and the ball He’s like what? I know. It’s This guy, is he gonna steal a drink? That’s the stupidest thing. You could steal, okay walks over there He pours it on to the floor Okay, and then puts it into the garbage where is he going with this Wow Wow good, this guy is trying to pretend he slipped and fell and is gonna try to sue this store This guy really thought he was gonna become a millionaire like this. There’s always a camera Sorry to break it to you. But this ain’t fooling no one you see lady right here She’s literally covering up food with blankets as if no one’s gonna notice It’s like that big giant cart full of blankets Yeah, you’re not fooling anyone. Her plan was full of holes like Swiss Sorry guys, but this is a cheesy robbery Okay, she’s literally stealing cheese. Like I can’t help but make cheese buttons. Okay. Oh Wow, he’s trying to climb over gets the chair. Oh, the cashier was ready Honestly guys if you’re ever getting robbed a little bit of advice just give it to the robber, you know, whatever they want They want your money and they want your phone. They want your wallet They want the register give it to them and then call the police because no matter what they’re trying to steal from you It’s not worth more than your life and usually thieves only turn violent If you don’t give them what they want give them what they want they take it they run away you called the police the police Can deal with it. Oh, he’s Ronnie. He’s running. Oh You just ran through the glass. I mean, I don’t blame him Windex cleans windows Very well. Nothing to see here. Yes, you know cuz we all got rectangle-shaped backs how will anyone ever be able to tell the only way to not get caught is if Literally everybody in this Walmart is blind like dude. What are you trying but also what is that guys? I wish this is an arrest for stealing cookies, but it wasn’t a missed opportunity if there ever was one Imagine dressing up as the Cookie Monster and stealing cookies. Now that’s funny still dumb, but it’s funnier than whatever this was dearest shoplifter you left your keys in our change room when you stole our DKNY coat give our coat back and you can have your keys back love afraid of mice xx PS There are cameras outside the shop. So don’t be sneaky. Wow. This is hella awkward Oh, no you two go back in there and be like and they make he’s back. Here’s the jacket I stole I was a bad boy Slash girl and a would-be thief might be wishing and he’d had his time over after knocking himself unconscious with a brick while trying to break him Mercedes in Ireland Really two failed attempts. It’s really Really good time. Definitely not lucky the bounce back Ahead if this video has taught us anything It’s that car windows have become much more resilient over the years and maybe you just shouldn’t steal cars How far do you expect to get? To like it’s the cars massive. Where are you going? well guys don’t be dumb and be a criminal because it’s dumb to be a criminal work hard instead and Do things the right way? Anyways, guys. I hope you enjoyed this video. I love you always so much. Stay awesome Stay sweet, and don’t forget to be nice other. Bye. Bye My

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  1. Legend says if you say the youtuber’s name 5 times you get pinned


  2. When I was very little, I sat on the floor for some reason in Asda then the next day I found football cards in my bag-

  3. When u hear car robbed in Ireland its not in someone's garage its been taken a joyride and the tires smoked then it's burnt in a field


  5. β€œGuys, when ever you get robed, just give whatever they want to them because your life is worth more”………or hit em with a folding chairπŸ€·πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ

  6. Az: "how does someone keep something so big between their legs?"

    Me, a guy: …

    Az: …

    Az: "don't answer that"

  7. Guys myth busters legit ran over car glass with their car and it hardly broke…. That guy so dumb, if he watched myth busters he'd know he needs more then a brick to break that window lol

  8. pls don't curse in your vids anymore because I'm in my school watching this and they will confiscate my laptop

  9. In reaction time he did the same vid and there was one where he tried to break a window with a broom and got deafeated by a broom

  10. .R.I.P.





  11. Now I understand why Azzy always says:stay awesome stay sweet and don’t forget to be nice to each other.Shes just telling people to be like her which we all should be

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  16. 4:44 omg my dog found a toy in a shop and it was kinda expensive. He fricking picked it up in his mouth and slobbered all over it so I'm like we'll no have to buy it now. πŸΆβ™ 

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  18. 1:26
    The grandma just got lost
    And then the grandma just sweared at the
    Guy that’s slipping off the case like why can’t you thank him
    Unless you screaming and Robbing!why!!!!! Rob!!!like
    In my whole life I though grandma’s just baked cookies
    And then make milk for us now I know the truth!

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