Dreams of a Digital Artist – Renee Robyn

My work is best described as the definition
of a kid that grew up on video games and fantasy novels. What really pushed me into shooting photography
full time was a motorcycle crash. I got hit off my motorcycle, and when I hit
the ground, I was run over by a vehicle. I spent five days in the hospital, and I spent the next six months learning how to walk again. I could have let that accident destroy me
but you can’t do that because life doesn’t stop when you stop. Photography was that one thing that I could do all the time, and it was the one thing where I wasn’t in pain. It’s one of the many reasons why I do a lot
of composite art work because I couldn’t get anywhere. I had to be able to bring the world
to me. Composite imagery is just taking multiple
shots that were taken at different locations and you are putting them together into one
piece. It can be very demanding. It is very complex.
There’s elements of color, there’s elements of texture, there’s foreground and background, elements
of the pose, the expression. When I’m out shooting backgrounds, it’s very
much about being in the moment and bringing myself through the artistic process. It’s really about seeing the potential of
what is in front of you. So, not seeing everything for what it is, but what it can be. I love being able to look at images that I
create in the studio like sculpting. When I’m in the studio, I have control. It’s
a little bit more sterile but in that it’s very creative. When I create shots and create images, I look at it, and I work on it until I’m absolutely in love with it. It’s this almost obsession.
You just have to open up your mind and let the image speak to you. For that moment and for those hours, I live
in that world, and I can do whatever I want. I’m the master of my universe sitting in front
of the computer. Being able to communicate that through post-production is the ultimate drug. It’s the ultimate high. I think the underlying theme of my images
is “leave no rock unturned.” Try as many things as possible. I just love to create images. I love photography.
It saved my life in so many ways, and I think the only justice that I can do is to explore
it as fully and as in depth as possible. Yeah, I still ride. I rebuilt the bike that
I crashed. When I ride, nothing else exists. There’s
just the present moment, the next curve, the next bend. It’s very free, and it’s the closest that I can get to flying without actually being in the air. I want to live my life in every facet possible. And I know that whatever time I wind up leaving this world, that my little book of life is dented and scratched and absolutely crammed full of memories because I saw the world not for
what it was in the moment but for how amazing it could be. See Renee Robyn’s photos and get tips for
creating epic digital art at www.smugmug.com/films/renee-robyn.

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60 thoughts on “Dreams of a Digital Artist – Renee Robyn

  1. Wow have seen Renee's work loads on the internet, but to hear her story its very sad what happened but the outcome and her drive is absolutely awesome. She's the sort of person i would like to meet in life and just watch and learn. Speechless.

  2. I'm so envious of the talents of these digital artists and Renee has to have the most natural talent I have ever seen.  I'm a 'get it right in the camera' sort of old school tog who thinks using curves in Photoshop is quite daring lol.  Biker/Smugmug user too so I really enjoyed watching this and there the similarity ends!!

  3. This is soooooo amazing. I am so happy that God allowed me to view your video, it speaks Volumes to who I am as a photographer and my name is also Renee…

  4. This was very inspiring to watch. After studying photography for 2 years in high school and graduating I was so sick of it all because of the sheer pressure they put on the students. It took me 4 years before I took up my camera again to photograph from my heart and soul, and I'm so glad I did again, because it gave me direction once again when I had none left.
    I didn't choose the art life, the art life chose me. (:

  5. "Not seeing everything for what is is, but for what it can be." Thank you for the inspiration (as a engineer, photographer (and a motorcyclist)).

  6. I have an almost identical story, accident and everything. Keep up the great work!
    www.steveslefteye.com // www.isstevestillalive.com

  7. OMG ! I Love Renee ! I'm such a huge fan ! I wanna be a composite photographer as well.. Her story and work pushes me to keep going and not give on my dreams of becoming a composite photographer ! Renee is GOLD !

  8. I am literally in tears right now! This video captures for me all that I feel about photography and riding my motorcycle. My anxiety disorder and fear that comes with it keeps me from doing so much. Riding my bike and photography are the only two things that make me feel free and in focus. I love this video and your story since I can relate on so many levels. It has truly inspired me to pick up my camera again and start shooting after putting it down. Thank you for this video and for your inspiration.

  9. I'm a rider (08 Yam FZ1) and like speed, a photog, and am very inspired by your story and composites – so impressed! 🙂 looking forward to seeing what I can learn from you

  10. Avid Photographer and a retired rider, for the same reasons. Glad you healed up and happy for you in finding a creative outlet that you seem very gifted at.

  11. Boy, I really like her because I never thought of doing layers upon layers of photos and mend them together like she odes it. That is very good work. I would love to make her my acquaintance. Peace, Flood!

  12. Photography is one of the few things that makes me wish I was younger…… and more organized & knowledgeable. Photography, like writing is having ultimate control to create something special…. if one has the talent & sensitivity.  You have it… So does whomever shot your video or was that you, too?

  13. An incredible artist.  Thank you for sharing your story.  I can only dream of being so creative, you are,, one of a kind…..

  14. wow this was really inspiring and beautiful. you are wonderful… love your process and respect your struggle, such beauty, elegance and power rolled into one.. BTW your hairs looks damm cool 🙂

  15. Whoa. I have no words. One of the most inspirational, get-off-your-ass-and-do-something-while-you're-alive messages I've ever heard in all my 54 years. That was divine, Renee. Thank you.

  16. Amazing videos, and the quality of the photographers is truly inspiring!!! Please keep up posting this excelent material

  17. I had a crash on my 2012 Sportster, got cut off by a drunk driver rebuilt it myself while I healed up.
    I'm a Motorcycle Photojournalist so I understand how motorcycles and art affect the soul.
    Love your work.

  18. I remember meeting you a couple years ago in Toronto! It was a moment I won't forget! Your Energy is so Vibrant, Real and Deep ! Never stop creating !

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