DoD News: The Rotation

Colonel Lewis Zeisman says the Soldiers of the second Stryker Brigade Combat Team 2nd Infantry Division, the 2-2 are ready If I do my job, the battalions will do the close fight can we use our Apatches to slowly kill the enemy Training rotation 1408 at Fort Irwin
National Training Center is where the 2-2 is refining their combat readiness Their ability as a brigade to respond to any mission Zeisman says for his purposes the wide
open expansive NTC is priceless On the Stryker Brigade Combat Team, I have multiple enablers that would come with me, here in
the desert we have the ability to synchronize all those on a common fight so I have UAV in the air I have fixed-wing in the air, I have my artillery, I got my engineers this desert allows us to see ourselves and see what we need to work on Home station for the 2-2 is the cooler climate of Joint Base Lewis-Mcchord in TC is in the Mojave Desert adapting to life in the box is lesson
number one come from Joint Base lewis-mcchord with
high temperatures in the seventies but we show up here to Fort Irwin and its 100 degrees so as you can imagine this the temperature Challenges at NTC are developed with
the unit in mind for the 2-2 its decisive action, honing the basics sharpening skills across-the-board The Army allows us to come here we don’t take it for granted when
resources are tight and so it’s not a game it’s absolutely a way for us to see ourselves, our resources, our people and we need to get better The brigade is in the box for two weeks when they leave, they’ll have achieved
their highest level of readiness We have to get better because the next
time were called it could be for real Gail McCabe, Fort Irwin

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