Disposable camera photography by children #4

all right so we have our fourth
disposable camera to go through after this there’s only two cameras left and
then we can set up like the whole gallery thing for those who don’t know I
gave something suppose of cameras to different students around so I let them
shoot whatever they wanted and once others are done I’m going to develop my
favorite photos of each and we’re gonna host like a little kind of a gallery in
a small cafe for the students and the parents to come and visit today we’re
looking at a fourth grader this is her perspective now there were some shots of
children here and we all know you too doesn’t want any of that so I am NOT
going to show those because I don’t want to get demonetized or shut down or
anything because YouTube’s being a but anyways first picture we have is a I can
show you even though it’s just the kids face so we’re gonna we’re gonna pass on
all right they tell them try to avoid taking pictures of people if you can but
I didn’t want to influence their creativity
now the first picture we have is it looks like it was shot from behind the
window now these are kind of dark and the flash did go off so this yeah this
picture is not that great but you know it’s it’s a fourth grader never used a
camera before so I’m not gonna hold that against them if anything this is this is
their world right now this is the way the world of fourth grader sees the
second photo is actually maybe the same shot or maybe they’re just like trying
to get the few of the camera it happens the next shot is shots at night actually
if you look into the distance you can see like a little red cross that’s
because in Korea they use like neon crosses for the churches the way people
try to get your attention here is very interesting because it’s more of the
loudest person is the one who who gets the attention it’s the same
team for like candidates and presidency and elections churches are the same like
the people with brightest biggest neon crosses we’re the ones that get the
followers next one actually looks pretty cool like I like this shot
it looks like a chimney she’s looking at some apartments actually I think I know
where these apartments are because there’s only one chimney like this in my
area but I like how industrial and somewhat dystopian this looks like it’s
a very depressed picture and that’s probably not what she was going at for
but it’s cool you know I like it next Oh actually this is a photo I like it’s
just picture of her slippers in her apartment and actually I’m starting to
see a pattern here like she had like almost three months to finish this and
most of these pictures seem to be taken from the apartment in the apartment so I
guess you can say her whole world is just cool and the apartments you know
that’s cause you know parents tend to keep them inside and very protected but
it’s good to see like a glimpse of what goes into the world sorry it’s for
getting so poetic whether you were like I’ll try not to do that kind of stuff I
like this shot to you this is just photo of her feet I hope I want to show this
picture and I’ll probably print this one I don’t know if I would even put it here
in this YouTube video because I don’t want to get the monetize or anything
like thanks you know YouTube I don’t know YouTube is weird let’s hope there’s
no fetishes out there next shots is also from the apartment I’m not sure what’s
going on here I think I see a reflection on the windowpane but is it her reflection or is it like a
brother or father I’m not sure it almost looks like a double exposure but I know
it’s not which makes it pretty cool and we see your backpack there
you can even call some of these pictures kind of abstracts I have no idea what’s
going on here but the flash went off and it seems to be bouncing off the ceiling
or something okay we have a good photos here and I was right about all these
pictures being from the apartment we have like a the God race I’m sure
there’s a correct word of that but like we have a landscape the horizon isn’t
straight but you know it doesn’t have to be like that all the time a lot of
people are too I want to say that we know about these kind of things but I
think sometimes it works and I think in this case it works pretty well I think I
like the photo overall and it’s a real nice sight you know to see what a fourth
grader likes next two shots are actually like the same thing a wall or a ceiling
so we’re gonna go ahead and skip that ah here we have a picture of the room it
seems the flash didn’t go off so it’s kind of not so well exposed not so Chris
but it’s cool you know this is a fourth graders world next shot is a picture of
the ground floor very abstract stuff you know I don’t know what I’m trying to
figure out what does she see in this photo that she like maybe she just liked
the way the floor looks but uh pretty interesting I wasn’t I didn’t know what
to expect when I gave these cameras out but it’s there are some good stuff in
there you know here we have some toys and some books like I said this is a
fourth graders world this is all they know for now you know seems to spend a
lot of time at home but I might print this one too because it seems to be like
the things she cherishes oh wait here we have a better exposed picture of the
lots of books she seems to spend a lot of time in this room so I wouldn’t doubt
it especially Korea can get really cold in
winter you know and the dusts you know another shot of the ceiling
a shot of the door it’s all right actually I can see the Red Cross in the
distance maybe that’s what she was going for here we have a picture with the
finger in the way I I guess you could even make this like a filter like they
should make like an Instagram filter or something with you have your finger in
the photo I’m sure people would like fire or something but I think order
being great I like nice little kind of cityscape were it not for the finger but
the finger does add some flavor to the photo here it looks like the rainy
raining through the window it kind of reminds me of that movie I forgot the
name of it but it’s that guy in a wheelchair with a telescope looking out
the window maybe it’s called the window or something and you can see like what
different people do in the apartment I know some of you know what I’m talking
about and he thinks he sees like a murder and that’s kind of what this
reminds me of but yeah you can see her like all the dust in the city so inside
lots next pictures it’s all right oh I see she was taking a picture of the
window because there’s some kind of pattern or drawing on the window I can’t
see it very well to me it kind of looks like the alien
from aliens you know you’ve got a big hair and the scrawny body like that but
I’m sure it’s something else like I don’t think she drew that it looks like
the thing is like the little alien things coming out and eating something
but you know me I’m kind of cynical you got a picture of the family piano
it’s nice to see her apartment you know these have a huge air purifier which is
good oh here we go trying to see it’s a city and I don’t
know what that red light is coming out but I think it looks pretty cool
we might print that one because it looks kind of extract in a way but yeah the
things fourth graders see is quite interesting and I will invite anyone to
do this kind of activity like that was the last photo but if you have like a
son or daughter maybe you want to try something like this you know buy a
disposable camera and let them just shoot whatever they wants and develop
it’s like I printed these pictures and I gave them to her the ones I’m going to
make the big prints for the final show I have yet to decide but I think there are
some good ones in there and I’m trying to go for like three good ones of each
student because it does kind of cost and add up in the end but pretty cool
anyways let me know which one y’all liked and what your thoughts I’ll see
you around

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