Cyberpunk Photography – Rain Photoshoot

So, today we’re going to take a photo that
I’ve been waiting a long time time to take. And uh first of all I want to apologize for
the quality of this video, because I wasn’t planning on making this video, it just kind
of happened because it started raining and on a whim I just came all the way over here
to take the photo that I’ve wanted to take for a long time. Conditions are perfect but we’re still waiting
for it to get dark. And actually I tried to make this video before,
but I failed so I think you guys will enjoy the photo I get out of this and if this is
your first time on my channel please be sure to subscribe, like, comment. I hate to sound like a casual Youtubber but
that kind of stuff helps my channel grow so just give it a like and I want to show you
guys what we’re going to be taking a picture of today. Alright so, we’re here shooting at the Coex. As you can see it’s really really rainy right
now. It’s pouring you know? But I have my umbrella and my camera is still
getting wet.That’s okay but I am really excited about this picture, I am just waiting for
the darkness to come. I think I can still take some nice pictures
right now but like I said I have been waiting for this picture a really long time and initially
I thought I would shoot it from below because you don’t always want to shoot from the same
position. Sometimes you want to shoot from the top and
sometimes from the bottom. But I couldn’t get the composition the way
that I wanted so I’m just gonna shoot a little bit below. So this is one of those times where I am going
to use my tripod. I don’t always use my tripod but I know that
I am going to be here a long time waiting for like the right moment when someone walks
by so I think uh I’ll get pretty tired if I don’t have my tripod. It’s getting darker and uh before it gets
dark I want to tell you guys thank you for watching this video and please be sure to
subscribe if you haven’t subscribed before, like the video, comment. Really please leave a comment or like, it
really really helps me I’m begging you practically. But I hope you guys will enjoy the way the
picture looks. And yeah it’s a pleasure I am happy you guys
like my channel, I mean I am not huge like a million or even a thousand but it means
a lot to me you know? That you guys are here. So like, people are always asking me what
settings I use on my camera and to be honest, I let the camera decide most of the time I
mean I am in some control. I shoot in aperture priority and I open my
aperture as wide as it goes. But in this case since I am using my tripod
and I want everything in focus for sure, I’m gonna be shooting at f8 and I’m being very
careful not to overblow my highlights. I’m gonna be shooting manual today. And uh yeah that is pretty much all I have
to say about it. I mean I just look at my histogram most of
the time and make sure I am not screwing up but there are people coming so I am going
to shoot right now. And you know,most of the time people assume
you just take good pictures all the time but to be honest, I take a shitload of pictures
and then later when I am post processing I’ll decide which pictures look best. Like maybe I will shoot 400 pictures a night
or an evening and then maybe I will get 1 nice picture out of every 30. It’s not like, “Oh I’m a great photographer
every picture I take is amazing.” It’s more like you have to take…you have
to be patient. And wait like this. For a long time. And wait for people to walk into your frame. That’s how you do it and uh take a photo. Now I don’t always use a tripod but today
is a special day because I’ve been waiting for this one. and here comes a guy. I’m gonna take the frame. Yeah, like I said sorry for the really crappy
quality but I make a video about myself and I am shooting by myself and I have to hold
an umbrella with one hand and click the shutter with the other and hold the phone while vlogging
so sorry. So like right now I am using the 5d Mark III. As you can see it is really really wet. I’m having to constantly clean it especially
the front element. But you know I can take the kind of pictures
I take with any camera I can use my smartphone I can use film. People always ask me which kind of camera
I use. I get really annoyed at that question like
what are your settings? Guys that doesn’t matter. Now the reason I am using 5D mark III is mostly
because I do a lot of timelapse so I can use a big ass card. The battery lasts a long time and it’s weather
sealed. As you can see, since I shoot in the rain
a lot, It is very very important for me but yeah…don’t fret about the settings or if
you have a crappy camera it doesn’t matter. You guys see the pictures I post, sometimes
I use my smartphone or like I said film cameras. It doesn’t matter. Yes I am using an expensive camera right now,
but it’s mostly just for the weather sealing, but yeah it is getting darker and it’s getting
colder, I’ve got gloves on now see? And I put the beanie on. I think it will be a good video, despite the
bad sound quality.

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