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whenever I feel like I’m not inspired or
I’m not being creative enough I look at the sky and I look at how the light changes there My name is Corina Straub and I am
a freelance photographer specializing in editorial, commercial and love stories so I basically started doing photography since I was living in Mexico I was 15
years old when I got my first film camera and I just loved the idea of
being able to take some photos and develop them and see them going from
nothing to something and it just really captured me I went to school in Canada I
didn’t really know what I wanted to do after high school so I took a year out
and then I applied for a photography course that was very limited it had only
20 spots and 200 or so applicants I got into this program that was amazing
it was for a three-year program just really loved being able to know the
tools that I needed to create photos and how to tell stories really one of the
things that I love photographing is clouds in the sky I think that started
from when I moved from Mexico to Canada and then from Canada to the UK I started
noticing how the light was very different and how the sky it moved very
differently and maybe that’s something that I was never aware of before but I
started noticing the pace of the clouds and the pace of the light changing and I
also had to just learn how to photograph differently in different countries
because the light in Mexico obviously was so bright all the time and
I never really like looked at the sky before and how that changes
or how that reflects in people’s skin and it wasn’t until I moved to Birmingham
and I lived in this really beautiful flat and the ceiling was a skylight and
so every night before going to bed I could see how the clouds moved and I
could see the moon just right above me and I encountered God in that flat so
much more than I think really ever When I became a Christian, it just became so clear to me that I wanted to show people who God had created and
the kind of people that God creates and I just fell in love with telling stories
really, I fell in love with the quirks and the uniqueness of people – before I was a
Christian I just knew I wanted to create things but I didn’t know that I could
create things for a purpose or like create things to show people’s worth or
people’s beauty I just wanted to create to create I guess I can explain it in a way
that God really opened my eyes to what I was doing and I became a lot more detailed
in the little things instead of the wider open photos that I was taking
before – I love capturing little moments between people, subtle movements of
someone the way that the hands move or the way that the light falls in hands
and I just remembered my my mom always telling me that you can tell someone’s
stories by looking at their hands and that just got really stuck in my brain
and in my head and I guess in my heart because I just
started really seeing people’s hands like I even always told my mom that the
first thing that I noticed in a guy was his hands it’s never been about making a
lot of money or becoming famous or anything but I want to be able to just
show the beauty that God creates as someone that has experienced a lot of
body issues and a lot of self-esteem issues I just want to be able to
photograph women and photograph men even that have problems with that – that they
are made in God’s image they They are created beautiful and perfectly and
I just hope that whenever people see their photo that they can see that
That they can see their little quirks and the things that they consider flaws
and how beautiful they are and how unique it is to them I see that sometimes in myself and and you know when I take a self-portrait and the
things that I sometimes I’m not in love with but just remembering that it’s unique
to me and it’s made me who I am and, the body that
has taken me so many different places and the strength that it carries I just –
I think I want to be able to portray that in people the strength that they carry
and that that comes from God really

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7 thoughts on “Corina Straub | Capturing Beauty Through Photography

  1. We hope you enjoyed this episode of The Creator Series! Check out Corina's photography on her Instagram page:

  2. I remember discovering Corina’s work years and years ago — this was lovely to watch and such a refreshing perspective to hear!

  3. What a beautiful video, great job Set Sail!
    I feel so identified by Corina bc she's Mexican like me and she show that God take before we meet him all the tools and the little things for the hour when the true worshippers shall worship him in spirit and in truth! God bless u eternally

  4. Hi, I'm from Brazil, and I really love this channel and I love Rivers & Robots. Please, could you make it available to subtitles in portuguese. Thank you very much. God bless!

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