Co-Stars Who Couldn’t Stand Each Other Off Camera

Some celebrities have earned a serious reputation
for difficulty among their co-stars so much so that other actors don’t ever want to work
with them again. From simple personality conflicts to deranged name-calling and everything in
between, let’s take a look at some of the most infamous co-star beefs and how they got
started. Jim Carrey and Tommy Lee Jones When Jim Carrey starred as the Riddler in
Batman Forever, he was at the height of his comedic career. But his co-star Tommy Lee
Jones who played Harvey Dent was definitely not a fan of Carrey’s slapstick style. Director
Joel Schumacher confirmed that Jones had something of an attitude on set, telling Entertainment
Weekly: “Jim Carrey was a gentleman, and Tommy Lee
was threatened by him. I’m tired of defending overpaid, over-privileged actors.” The night before filming a scene together,
Carrey and Jones ran into each other at a restaurant. When Carrey approached Jones’
table to say hello, he didn’t get quite the greeting he expected. Carrey told Howard Stern
that: “He got up, kind of shaking, and hugged me
and said, ‘I hate you. I really don’t like you.’ And I was like, ‘Wow. What’s going on
man?’ And he said, ‘I cannot sanction your buffoonery.'” “Very few people are both a summer and a
winter, but you pull it off nicely.” Wesley Snipes and Ryan Reynolds Reading Patton Oswalt’s account of his time
on the set of 2004’s Blade Trinity is arguably far more interesting than watching the movie
itself. According to Oswalt, director David S. Goyer shouldn’t be blamed for the way the
movie turned out, as he spent half of his time dealing with the erratic behavior of
leading man Wesley Snipes. “And he’d walk by his trailer and this wall
of pot stench would just just woah and just push you to the side” He also claimed Snipes tried to strangle the
director at one point, which led to Goyer hiring a bunch of bikers as bodyguards. According
to Oswalt: “That freaked Wesley out so much that, for
the rest of the production, he would only communicate with the director through Post-It
notes. And he would sign each Post-It note ‘From Blade.'” It wasn’t just Goyer that Snipes clashed with,
however. The mercurial action star also failed to get along with co-star Ryan Reynolds, apparently
refusing to even call him by his name. Reynolds laughed when he was asked if he would ever
consider reuniting with Snipes for a fourth Blade movie, answering with an emphatic “no.” Will Smith and Janet Hubert If you’re a dedicated Fresh Prince of Bel-Air
fan, you’re probably aware that the actress who played Aunt Vivian was replaced halfway
through the series but you might not know why. Janet Hubert portrayed Aunt Viv on the
show until 1993, when she was replaced with Daphne Reid, who continued in the role until
Fresh Prince ended its run in 1996. According to accounts from show insiders and
even Hubert herself, Smith and his other co-stars were needlessly cruel to her on the set. For
his part, Smith knocked down Hubert’s allegations in a 1993 interview with an Atlanta radio
station, claiming she had a bad attitude while filming and adding: “No matter what, to her I’m just the Antichrist.” In 2011, Hubert fired back, telling TMZ that
she’d never work with Smith again. Tom Sizemore and Val Kilmer Throughout the ’90s, Tom Sizemore’s star was
on a meteoric rise in Hollywood, thanks in particular to his roles in great dramatic
films like 1995’s Heat, which he featured in alongside Val Kilmer. But when Kilmer and
Sizemore reunited five years later on the set of Red Planet, things weren’t so rosy.
Reportedly, Kilmer was upset when he learned that the production had paid to ship Sizemore’s
exercise equipment to Australia, where filming was taking place. According to Sizemore’s memoir By Some Miracle
I Made It Out of There, a shouting match erupted which ended with Tom throwing a 50-pound weight
at Kilmer. Later, a producer asked Sizemore to avoid hitting Kilmer in the face when they
got into their next fight. Tom complied, dutifully slugging Kilmer in the chest and telling him: “I’m never going to another planet with you
again.” Time heals all wounds, however, and the two
former co-stars had finally buried the hatchet as of 2014. Robert Downey Jr. and Terrence Howard Terrence Howard has never been shy about discussing
his falling out with Iron Man co-star Robert Downey Jr. In 2013, Howard appeared on Bravo’s
Watch What Happens Live, discussing the three-picture deal which the studio had originally offered
him. “They came to me with the contract and said
look, we will pay you ⅛ of what we contractually had for you.” He went on to put the blame firmly on Downey’s
shoulders. “And I called my friend, and I’d helped
him get the first job, and he didn’t call me back for three months.” It would take another three years for the
pair to finally patch up their differences, when they reunited at the 2016 wedding of
director Brian Grazer.

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100 thoughts on “Co-Stars Who Couldn’t Stand Each Other Off Camera

  1. Not presuming to know the right/wrong breakdown, but I too find that a little Jim Carrey goes a looong way. Were I an actor, I would never want to co-star with him.

  2. I don’t dislike people, but sometimes I dislike their actions and behaviors. I don’t get the whole coworker antipathy thing. If you can’t or won’t maintain sufficient professionalism with your peers, superiors and subordinates, you have no place in a civilized work environment. I’ve found people’s behavior unlikeable, but I still did my best to treat them respectfully and stay productive. Shame on employers who permit bullying, scapegoating, drama, and other social toxins that limit productivity and destroy morale. If you support toxic employees your BEST QUALITY employees cannot excel. It’s an environment that thrives on sabotage, backbiting, and BS that gets in the way of quality work product.

  3. Lol, signing the post-it notes as "From Blade" is hilarious! This is a man who was perfectly fine with acting as a drag queen in To Wong Foo, I don't believe for a minute that Wesley Snipes tried to choke the director. This is a man who didn't take himself too seriously.

  4. Also while filming taxi driver robert de niro (who was engaged!) asked cybill shepherd out, she rejected him so he didnt speak to her for the rest of the shoot.

  5. To this day, I still miss Terence Howard as Rhodey. Marvel and RDJ did him wrong.
    Cheadle's a great actor and all, but TH and RDJ were way more fun to watch onscreen together.

  6. I seem to recall the whole cast saying Aunt Viv 1 was a nightmare. If you can't get along with Jim Carrey or Ryan Reynolds I feel sorry for you as a person.

  7. Terence is a born again Christian who kept trying to make the movie less sexual. Like in the stewardess scene, it was toned down because Howard is a priss. He's a religious singer, originally. They accidentally paid him 4 million instead of the rate he was supposed to get which was like $400,000. (John Travolta only got $25,000 for Pulp Fiction. That was his rate at the time and one of the reasons Tarantino cast him.) They tried to adjust it and of course he said no. They were like, "Well, for 4 million we could get an academy award winning actor, like Don Cheadle,' So that's what they did. No need to pay Carrot Top 4 million when they can get George Clooney then, if they're going to pay that much. Terrence sucks and hes a primma donna who wants lots of script changes and concessions to be made for his morals. Hes a dumbass. Get the story right!

  8. The fact that Tommy Lee Jones could call anyone a 'buffoon' after that horrible scenery-chewing performance as Twoface… SMH

  9. Terrance Howard is a pig who uses women for sex but never gives them any gifts or shows them his appreciation! FACT!!!

  10. The Carey/Jones beef reminds me of reminded me of the Dean/Massey one sided feud. He simply didn't like his methods and thought he didn't take things seriously and hated him as a result.

  11. Janet Hubert said she will never work with Will Smith again. That's like my mail man saying he would never date Halle Berry

  12. Apparently on Game of Thrones Leana Headey (Cersei Lannister) and Jerome Flynn (Bronn) went out for a time but it ended really badly and now they have to be kept separate on set

  13. I dont give an ant fart about" who hates who" in la la land. I really just dislike – no, I pity Hollywierd and all the overpaid ego maniacs residing in that sesspool of fabricated humanity. They call themselves "actors". Overinflated lives with sad broken dreams of untold wealth and fame, immortality. Drugs, deals,favors,promises of stardom, and eventually, suicide- "That's Entertainment"!

  14. Shame on marvel to even ask that of Howard. Ask him to take an eighth of what they originally agreed on? After he already took a million less for the first one AND HELPED CAST RDJR AS IRON MAN. That's terrible.

  15. Everyone debating whether Snipes' Blade or RDJ's Iron Man kicked off the modern Marvel movie era are knobs. 1986's Howard the Duck was the first Marvel property to get a wide release thanks Howard!

  16. Wesley snipes still badass,Michael jail white,should have been In the new spawn,Ryan Reynolds still cool,a hellboy reboot not gonna watch should have the trilogy with original hellboy,ya can't top the best actors in their characters,find something new,I know ain't nothing new everything has already been done,so how bout stop redoing older better movies and come up with something else,love evil dead ya fucked up,bruce campbell made ,those movies it was him that pulled it off great,I have multiple copies of evil dead 1 and 2 and army of darkness,and 3 seasons of ash vs evil dead,kinda like the subspecies movies,great movies,tombstone was awesome Wyatt Earp sucked,Val Kilmer and Kurt Russell made it Kevin Costner and Dennis Quade sucked,be more creative try new ideals maybe something original

  17. Tommy Lee Jones is correct, James Carey is a bafoon. I have never found him funny, but maybe it's an American thing.

  18. a 50 lb weight? Not likely, but possible if it came from custom a custom made set of weights. 5 lb, 10 lb, 25 lb, 35 lb and 45 lbs. a 50 lb weight is a very odd weight. Sounds like a tall tale

  19. Patton Oswalt and Wesley Snipes have one thing in common: they're both assholes. And if you're the only person on a set that the entire cast hates, then it's a pretty sure bet that you're the one with the attitude (Fresh Prince of Bel Air).

  20. Every person who in the world who hates Jim Carrey appears to be posting in this comment section. Of course the hate has nothing to do with his work but his political views. You guys are morons.

  21. I don't see how anyone would have an issue working with Ryan Reynolds.

    Terrance has ego issues, and I'm sure that RDJ called him out on it, and that's the real reason he was acting like a bitch. His "pay" complaint for his performance in Iron Man isn't the first time he's cried about wanting more $$. I'm sure it won't be the last – how are things rolling on his HBO show?

  22. Robert Downey is so insecure that he took offense at Ricky gervais' intro of Downey. He's trying to pretend he wasn't a drug addict. I'm glad he's sober but don't take offense…just own up and laugh with Ricky.

  23. Jim Carrey's net worth is estimated to be $150 million while Tommy Lee Jones' net worth is estimated to be $85 million. In terms of box office receipts, Carrey's "Buffoonery" translates to an approx. 43% profit margin over Jones' self-importance. It looks to be in Jones' best interest to engage in some more "Buffoonery" and less douche baggery himself.

  24. The Tommy Lee Jones/Jim Carry story didn't quite happen the way you said it. When Jim approached Tommy's table, he turned around, grabbed his butt cheaks and began to talk through his ass, like he did in Pet Detective. This embarrased Tomm, and he then told Jim his true feelings…

  25. Wesley hated Blade 3 because he said he knew it would suck. He had no input in the movie as he did with Blade 2 and the corny lines with the other actors turned it more into a comical action movie. Reynolds was playing Deadpool before he was casted as Deadpool.

  26. It is documented that their has been 5 straight male actors and none of the Hollywood crows liked them and even plotted to kill the two out of that 5 that were not child molesters.

  27. TH is so full of sheot he wanted the big payday, he got it then wanted Downeys deal which w as no longer on the table.

    He'd be a billionare if he'd just swallowed his star power pride.

  28. Robert Downey jr. is the man was the highest paid actor in Hollywood 2 years in a row is a talent level above most and movies get a go ahead just cause they know he is gonna be it

  29. RDJ would be very difficult to replace so yes the company does and always has taken advantage of weaker people.

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