CIRA System – Infrared cameras technology – Torpedo Hot Spot Detection – FLIR

Thank you for checking out our revolutionary CIRA System from A.N.T. Automation. We are introducing the next generation of automatic thermal tracking system that features hot spot detection for hot metal containers The state-of-the-art FLIR infrared cameras, enable CIRA to automatically identify, evaluate, and generate alarms of surface temperature anomalies in moving torpedo cars, without any human intervention Users can analyze detailed process data on CIRA’s user-friendly interface conveniently accessible anywhere with a computer through a website or desktop application or even from a mobile device CIRA features capability for multiple locations and multiple I.R. cameras per location Users have easy access to historical or real time data and can identify the alarms at a glance over long periods of time CIRA automatically detects the centered image for each torpedo, and joins both side images in an identified torpedo, using RFIDs tags Pixel by Pixel temperature inspection available Zoom & pan, allows the user to inspect the anomaly in detail Custom and pre-defined color palettes CIRA’s region of interest is a great tool that enables users to analyze a portion of any torpedo’s surface in detail Users can use numerous predefined auto-detected shapes, or create their own custom shapes Alarms can be acknowledged by multiple users The system supports several alarming and priority levels Users can access High Priority Alarms by email or through mobile devices CIRA’s powerful search engine allows users to quickly find data by time by torpedo ID, by alarm level, and by train as well as group the data to easier visualization CIRA is also applicable to iron ladles, VOD, EAF pipe tracking systems and other applications For more information, contact us at: [email protected]

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