Cinematographer Kevin Stiller | Filmmaker Friday

Hi my name is Kevin Stiller and I’m a
Los Angeles-based cinematographer I work on productions that are within the scope
of everywhere from your tiny run & gun shoots all the way to your bigger budget
productions that require pre-pro planning, tech scouts, etc. No matter the
scope of the project the tools that I bring to the table are important to me
because I need to feel confident as a filmmaker. Some of these tools include
things made by Ikan. For instance the on-board 7-inch monitor that I’ve been
using for the past four years has been my go-to monitor and it’s the VX7i. What’s exciting is when I started using
Ikan equipment a few years ago, their demographic was more so targeted towards
the indie run & gun shooter. now that the industry has changed for young
filmmakers like myself so has Ikan’s product line. This is exciting to me
because I know that the people at Ikan that are bringing products to life
actually care and listen to the filmmakers that are using their tools. I wanted to extend a huge thank you to the entire team at Ikan for helping support
me as a filmmaker as I grow in the community.

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