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Awti: Hey ASL Community! I’m here with Andrew Eddy. Andrew: Yo. In this video, we’ll discuss Cinematic ASL. What’s that? It’s ASL that represents visual elements you typically see in movies, from camera techniques to special effects. Ah, so this video is made for ASL students and hearing interpreters. No, this is for *everyone* in the ASL Community, from those just learning to veteran signers. Do you think that ASL students and interpreters who can hear are the only ones interested in thoughtfully discussing ASL? No! Yes! … yes? No, I mean, I’m agreeing with you. [ Error_404 ] [ asldfjalsj;fl;j ] Point is, if you love ASL, you’ll want to consider and use Cinematic ASL! So this is a one-time discussion of Cinematic ASL? Nope, this will be a series, each episode briefly treating this topic. What will the format be like? Glad you asked! That’s why I’m here! ** camera lovin’ ** Mmmmyeah. Each time we discuss Cinematic ASL, we’ll always follow three steps: First, I’ll feature a very brief clip from my vlog series, ‘That!Vlog’. Second, I’ll identify one Cinematic ASL tool used in that clip, tell you a little bit about it. Third, I’ll give a suggestion about how *you* can use that very same tool in your conversations, poetry, storytelling, music, interpreting, whatever you’re doing in ASL. We’ll begin with the opening scene of ‘Anime in ASL’. [ Setting: Arid landscape. ] [ Atop two rock formations stand two male adversaries. ] What Cinematic ASL tool is used in that clip? *Drumroll Please* Establishing shot! Movies and television shows typically open with a wide-angle camera shot, giving you a view of the larger environment, be it a cityscape, landscape, or crowd of people. This is done because they want to guide you *clearly* into the story. From time to time, you may see something that opens with an abrupt close-up and quick clips of dynamic moving shots. That’s purposefully done to create a sense of chaos and confusion, which is an effective tool. However, if they want you to comfortably follow what’s being presented, with a sense of clarity, they’ll present a wide-angle establishing shot. So how can you use this in your storytelling, music, poetry, and interpreting? Use classifiers – handshapes – that convey shapes that one would see from a distance, whole objects. Here are some examples: Buildings, rolling hills, a waterway, a group of people milling about. What’s more, you can incorporate this tool in your daily conversation! You ever have someone come up to you, talking about something specific, causing you to feel confused as to who, when, or where they’re talking about? Why the confusion? They didn’t set the scene for you – in effect, there was no establishing shot. If you want to communicate clearly, your best bet is to start with the big picture, like so: You remember last year, in May? [ get confirmation ] That guy, Mark – bald with glasses? [ get confirmation ] Well, yesterday he… [ … continue with specifics… ] That’s how you begin a clear conversation, in effect, that’s an establishing shot! Cinematic ASL helps with daily conversation! [ Look-alike contest: Mr. Clean / Jacob ] The clip we featured was from ‘Anime in ASL’, something Andrew and I just posted. If you’d like to watch it, you know what to do: Click on its link in the description below this video. On toppa that, if you see a specific scene from any of my That!Vlog episodes that you’d like me to discuss in my next episode of Cinematic ASL **echo: ASL… ASL…** why dontcha clickety clack a comment below this video? Just let me know which video title and which portion of the video… and I’ll talk about it! Hey uh… what are you up to on March 29th, Thursday night, at 7pm? Wanna join me in a little something? I’m not talking about an intimate walk on the beach, I’m talking about ASL Night! Here in Austin, Texas! It’ll be fun, ASL storytelling, poetry, music! ASL Friends United is hosting it and guess who will be the MC? Me! Yeah!! If you’d like to volunteer – OR OH HEY if you’d like to PERFORM – please do! Here’s who to email. Of course, if you’d like more details, check out the section below this video. Join us! My name’s Awti – ASL Power! Ah, for… For… ASL.. nah… The… ugh… [ gibberish ] Uhhh… [ can’t keep straight face ] I can’t look at him! We’ll begin with… [ drawing a blank ] * urp * Ok We’ll start with… whatha…? We’ll… [ cracking up ] with ‘Anime in ASL’ … eh… nah. Anim… ugh! Anyme – GAH Anym.. * sigh * Again. Anime – blech! Anim… oo00oo *whew* ASLDKFUA;ISJF;AINF That’s why I’m AGH! … we’ll always… wait, let’s go back… … feature.. no… … OH! Did you say that?

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