Cinema Lens on a $600 Mirrorless Camera = EPIC Cinematic Canon M50 ??

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7 thoughts on “Cinema Lens on a $600 Mirrorless Camera = EPIC Cinematic Canon M50 ??

  1. Saw your channel again, wow. The last time I was on your channel is your latest video with the giveaway and that was the first video of you that I watched. Like I said there I saw your channel because I'm looking for cameras to start my channel and camera reviews on what I should get. I entered the giveaway and I'm hoping that I get picked it would be helpful for me❤

  2. Hey Potato, How did you reach here? How did you start and reach up to buying Arri Alexa? Make a video about it or maybe just tell me in the comments. Would really love to know. Thanks.

  3. what I learnt from this video? that you can buy a 10k tripod.. that's basically my budget for my Mini Ursa G2 rig (minus lenses), oh and it's not even gold plated shrug

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