Caught on camera: Possible mountain lion sighting in Hecker, Illinois

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3 thoughts on “Caught on camera: Possible mountain lion sighting in Hecker, Illinois

  1. Illinois dept of conservation will deny cougars exist because if they say yes we have a cougar population then it would become a protected species. As long as they deny cougars exist the inbred human population that makes up about 90% of southern illinois can kill it because that it what the average inbred Southern Illinoisan only knows to do is kill anything that moves. Life in southern illinois revolves around getting drunk, being a "good ol boy", sending meaningless prayers, church twice a year, never reading the Bible but quoting it as much as possible, deny being very racist, Trump was sent by God to save them and killing anything and hanging it on a wall then getting drunk – rinse and repeat

  2. There are definitely mountain lions in Illinois. I saw one two years ago driving 57 northbound. There is no mistaking something else for it. Looks like a lioness.

  3. John here me and my wife coming from Vandillia got near Hurracane Creek on 70 see a cougar walking alone woods and field right before dark

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