What is a B Corporation?

What is a B Corp? B Corp is to business what fair trade is to coffee. It’s a company certified for social and environmental sustainability. I actually like the way Done Good talks about it. Done Good is also a B Corp. They say that there are companies out there that are mass producing cheap […]

StraightUp Solar – Empowering Communities Through Solar Power

Founded in 2006, StraightUp Solar is passionate about bringing affordable solar-powered solutions to communities in Illinois, Missouri, and across the planet. Our locally owned and operated company provides solar power installation from start to finish, as well as educational seminars, financing, and maintenance. We are fully licensed, NABCEP Certified, and we use only industry-leading components […]

Solarize City of Fairfax 2017 Promo

soak up the Sun and soak up the savings with solarized City of Fairfax we’ve made solar energy for your home easy and affordable with bulk purchasing discounts and free solar assessments visit SolarizedCityofFairfax.org or call 703-517-7 251 today our clean energy future starts with your roof

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