EarthKeepers: Solarize Dunwoody

EarthKeepers is a program that can help people take the next step when they feel that call to care for God’s creation, to do something more than they have already been doing. It’s a program that can help them identify the needs in their community and build a strategy and do more than they thought […]

Hubble’s Scary New Halloween Image

>>HAPPY HALLOWEEN! FROM THE HUBBLE SPACE TELESCOPE>>Hubble recently confronted a MONSTER-sized face.>>A reminder that when Hubble stares into the dark abyss of space.>>sometimes the abyss stares back.>>These terrifying twin galaxies are collectively known as AM 2026-424.>>The galaxies are locked in an elaborate dance of destruction. >>Their mutual gravity trapping them both.>>AM 2026-424 foreshadows our own […]

Print making: polymer plate

My name is Ines Fernandez de Cordova I’m currently finishing the MA at Camberwell, College of Arts, the printmaking MA, I’ve been at Camberwell for 6 years now because I did my BA as well, so I’ve been here for awhile. I used to draw a lot and I think it gives drawing a completely […]

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