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  1. Will C1 detect any duplicates while exporting to same folder with an option to skip them? It's something I'd be willing to upgrade from C1 11.

  2. Can you do a tutorial on renaming files before export as well as any intricacies there may be within? Can you also add the feature that I've been used to having in Lightroom? The feature in question is an OS window popping up showing the desired export location of the chosen exported images upon completion. Is this feature offered? I'm new to Capture One so I'm not sure. Thanks!

  3. Hey, I think there is a flaw in the new exporting feature. I am not at all able to export multiple images with a watermark. Can you please help?

  4. Just wondering, is the PSD export option no longer available for Capture One Express for Sony? I recall it being there for 11.

  5. When I choose Export-Variant I do not get a drop-down menu. The word Variant shows above the photograph with the word cancel on the left side, after that nothing happens unless I hit cancel and have to start over with the same results. What am I doing wrong?

  6. Basically is the same option of exporting doing it from that menu or doing it from the recipe tab, right? I have a lot doubts about capture one … so I'm happy to be learning about the software because I'm practicing English… so I hope to improve in both aspects. haha. Thanks

  7. Saving a file: How do I change the session output folder when exporting the image under "original"?
    Viewing an Image: How can I zoom into an image in other increments than 50 percent? The slider is set to 50 percent as well.

  8. I am using trial version, switching from Lightroom but I am having difficulty to place my watermarks perfectly on position where I want. By default it goes on right corner side of images when I export it. Is anyone had this issue? I want to put in center of images for some reason but I couldn't.

  9. Come on!?! I don't want to get all the photos to export. I want the ones rated two stars or better ( the ones I want to keep really.) . And holding the shift key gets the whole lot between the first and last. Anyone can figure out the things you've shown by exploring and reading the menus.

  10. I wish you would hire someone who's primary language is English> Awesome program but it's so hard to use if one doesn't spend an eternity learning it. Shame

  11. I hope I did not lose my studio shooting, I cant find them, when I tried to export them, they were exported as a catalog, when tried to open it, it said nothing.

  12. When I export my XT3 files from Capture One to TIFF format, they all seem to lose resolution. The camera outputs 6240×4160, and Capture One exports them as 6018×4012. I know it is probably a simple setting, but I can't seem to find it! Help, please?

  13. I want to watermark both portrait and landscape pictures in a single batch, but the watermark doesn't resize… so on landscapes the watermark is good, but on portraits half of the watermark is cut off. Any solutions for this?

  14. I have a calibrated monitor with its own icc profile. What should i choose when exporting? Srgb color spce or my calibrated profile?

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