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OK Tested’s show ‘Come and Get Your Ass Handed To You’ welcomes you. My favourite actor in Bollywood is Aamir Khan. In Hollywood, I cannot
remember their names properly because they all look the same.
I like Pankaj Tripathi, Sudhir Mishra. Both of them are Bihari. My favourite actor is Kanishk, because whenever
you ask him to pay the bill… he’s like, “Oh no, man. I’m broke. I cannot pay
for anything right now.” It’s the best performance ever. Oh. So the quiz is identifying all these actors with
their childhood pictures? I think I have a keen eye for that kinda sh*t. How’d I know anything about how the actors
looked as children? – Yeah, you didn’t have cable as a kid. I think I somewhat look like how I used to
as a kid… the only difference is in the weight. If that’s the case with the actors, then I think I’ll be able to recognize them very easily. Some people really change, you know? Some people are cute babies and they become… ugly adults. and some people are… ugly babies and they… also become ugly adults. Oh, f**k. The first one is so tough. This picture looks like it was taken by the
first camera ever invented. I hope this is an actor because he’s one of
those Jawahar Lal Nehru types. I don’t have any idea who he is.
I can just tell you one thing… he’s black and white so he was born a little early. I dunno like tiny f**king Subhash Chandra Bose
or something. OHHHHHHHH!
It feels like he’s Akshay Kumar.
He has those teeth like…they’re bulging out a bit.
Because he’s smiling his teeth out all the time. This is Amitabh Bachchan. What’d you say? Who could this… OHHH!! Is this tiny Amitabh Bachchan? So I feel that this is Amitabh Bachchan. Please lock this answer… and give me a one-crore-check because
I’ll be the only crorepati. Is this Amitabh Bachchan? Oh sh*t, pal. Amitabh Bachchan was
very cute as a child. Oh man, how did I forget Mr. Bachchan, huh? Lil B otherwise known as Amitabh Bachpan.Everyone would know the answer
to this one. Now this one is like brown and white. Now I don’t know which generation is this. This guy looks so naughty that he reminded
me of myself. This looks like Mogli’s photo. The eyes are saying Salman Khan… but the smile is saying Ranbir Kapoor. Is it from the Deol family?
They have such big eyes. All of them. This kid looks like he’s clever as f**k. This kid has a lot of hair
on his head. Still, I’ll guess this is Salman Khan. Salman Khan. This is Ranveer Singh. Is it Sunny Deol?
Yeah man, I’m going to go with Sallu…bhai. Oh f*****k. Oh yeah, bro. This is Salman! That’s what gives me the kick, bro. Oh, oh, oh. She’s giving me the Radhe Maa vibes, bro. Oh, this isn’t easy, man. No matter how huge a star is, when their parents used to dress them up… they used to overdo it a lot. Is it one of those cases where the brothers
were dressed up as girls?In my entire childhood, I’ve gotten my photos
clicked with skirts and ponytails. This is Priyanka Chopra.
This is straight up Piggy Chops, man. Nicky’s Little… Nicky’s Big… I dunno, Nicky’s… Wife. I dunno. Is this Deepika Padukone? Priyanka Chopra. She genuinely looks a bit like PC… Priyanka Chopra. Yes! Because she just gives the impression
right away, pal. This is what childhood photos should look like.
Not like _____. That’s not what Salman Khan does. God said “It’s a long weekend. What do I make?” So he created Deepika Padukone and
Priyanka Chopra. He created us in over time. Bro, she’s cute on a different level. I know who she is.
Her eyes give it away. She was the Complan girl, pal– Ayesha Takia
Oh, Katrina, bro. What the f**k? Dude I told you. I have an eye
for this sh*t, man. Clearly, Complan neither… helped me with my height, nor
enhanced my memory. No, she is not Ayesha Takia. She is Katrina Kaif. This is Radhika Apte, guys.
I’ll go with Kareena Kapoor. This is Katreen ji… Please, I’m done. I don’t want to get myself anymore insulted. This is a foreign kid, bro. His face tells me that he never played in the dirt! He smells like he smells nice.
It could either be Matt Daemon or Leonardo DiCaprio. Look, I dunno his name. It’s the Titanic guy. Leonardo… 100% Leonardo. This is our boy Leo Dicaprio. One of the best looking people
in the world. Most people would change their
sexual orientation for him. Is this the Titanic lead actor?
Leonardo DiCaprio? I think this is Matt Daemon. Leonardo DiCaprio. When Leonardo was in Titanic… he was Leonardo DiShiveringo. That is what happens when you ask me to guess foreign actors. I lived in Bihar ffs. Oh what a guy, man. Who’s this? He used to get his hair
cut at the Hair Stylist’s salon. We used to sit on the wooden plank
over the seat. My mother never gave me the kind of t-shirt like
he’s wearing. Isn’t he the Iron Man guy? Aww? Is this Robert Downey Jr.? This is Robert Downey Jr. F**king take him and go. I knew he was
going to be in this quiz. Is this Robert Downey Jr.? I think this is Chris Hemsworth, and if he isn’t… I’d like to hammer my head with his hammer. This is Robert Downey Jr. Get me his sukraanu, please. – What’s that? Sperm. Oh easy, dude. Anyone would recognize him easily. Look at their childhood photos, man
even as kids… they were so well kept and neat. Then there was our childhood. I used to wear my pants right around
my chest. This is Wonder Woman.
She has those features. She has that pickiness in her eyes. Gal Gadot is my final answer. I think this is Scarlet Johansson,
the Black Widow. Scarlet Johansson for sure. I’m not one of those kids… who would leave the sheet empty if they
don’t know the answer. I’d write something… so this is Reena Tripathi.

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