Can You Create Inspiration? // Photography Vlog

Can You Create Inspiration? // Photography Vlog so the question of the day is what do
you do when you don’t want to do anything I’ve been struggling a little
bit today because it’s typically the day that I would plan and/or shoot the
videos that I have coming up for the channel but when it got to be that part
of the day for me I just didn’t really have any interest in the ideas that I
already have I have this long list of ideas that either I thought of or you
guys suggested and I just didn’t feel inspired by any of them and if there’s
one thing that I know for sure it’s that if I’m not inspired to do something I’m
not gonna put my all into it so the question I kept asking myself is should
I force myself to shoot a video today is it that nothing is going to inspire me
or am I just missing that spark that I have sometimes when I’m going to shoot a
video so I’m interested to know how do you guys deal with that if you’re not
inspired to do something but you know you should be doing it or you know that
you could potentially want to do that thing how do you get past that point
leave a comment below let’s start a conversation now there’s definitely a
part of me that wants to just take the day off but the other side of me really
wants to see what I can do to try and inspire myself kind of find a way to
spark creativity this is an argument that I’ve seen a decent amount on the
internet whether creativity and inspiration can be sparked and kind of
instigated or whether it’s something that just happens to you so I came up
with this one idea that I think might get me going as far as inspiration goes
and that’s to go out and just shoot for the sake of shooting which might
surprise you but that’s not something that I do typically when I go out to
shoot photos or shoot video it has kind of a purpose behind it or I’m shooting
photos and video while I’m doing something else either I’m hanging out
with my wife or I’m out trying to shoot a video for the YouTube channel but it’s
not very often that I actually just go out just for the sake of shooting so
that’s exactly what we’re gonna do we’re gonna go out on a photo mission or a
photo vlog if you will try and get some photos I’m gonna talk you guys through
my process and what I’m up to picking location settings all of those
kinds of things so you guys can get some insight as to what I do when I’m out
shooting photos quick editor’s note I fully
realized the irony and the fact that by creating this video I’m no longer just
going shooting for the sake of shooting but I think you know what I mean
back to the video I don’t know if I’m gonna get anything good I don’t know if
I’m gonna teach anything good but stick around and find out first things first
let’s get packed up and head out okay a 6500 with the 30 millimeter lens I’ve
got a 56 millimeter lens I’ve got my 18 to 105 which will probably end up being
the lens that I shoot most of the video on because I’ve currently got my 16
millimeter shooting right now and I’ll probably want that for some photos but
we’ll throw this in here for now I’m gonna bring the gimbal I don’t know if
it’ll come in handy or not I’ve got ND filters and batteries and all the
accessories that I might need and then I’ve got a tripod strapped to the side
of the backpack so I think we’re good to go one thing that’s becoming very evident
very quickly is how fast I’m going to lose the light we’ll see what we can get
we might get some cool golden hour stuff if I can find a location quick enough so the question now is do I head to
somewhere that I know I can get some decent shots or do I take a chance and
go somewhere new for the sake of the fact that I’m running out of light it
would probably be safer to go somewhere I know but for the mission of this video
and the photos is to get me inspired I’d say somewhere new is probably more
likely to do that I think what I’m gonna do is kind of split the difference I’m
gonna go in an area that’s familiar but to a part of it that’s kind of new and I
think there are some cool photo opportunities there especially because I
just noticed that the moon is gigantic right now and it’s full and at this
current moment it’s still pretty low in the sky which is always nice because
then you can get things in the foreground so hopefully we can do
something cool with that I haven’t even started shooting photos yet and I’m
already getting inspired for more video ideas okay I’m pretty sure I have a really
short window to actually hit this the moon is right in the middle of one of
our bridges here in Edmonton and just over this like factory so I’m gonna try
and frame it up so that I can get it right in between but since I’m short on
time I’m gonna take photos now and talk to you guys later so the biggest problem I’m running into
right now is that I need this lens and I haven’t had time to switch it over but I
think this is my chance the moon is currently hiding behind one of the beams
in the bridge so I’m gonna switch lenses so that I can get the sixteen on there
and I couldn’t have planned it better myself they just lit up the bridge so
what I’m trying to do right now is get a couple of different exposures at a
couple of different exposure levels so that I can then put them into Lightroom
and use HDR so it’ll combine the three photos but because it’s so dark out here
I’m having to take long exposures so there’s a lot of time in between each
shot so we’ll see if it works I’m going to throw on the Sigma 56
millimeter and get in there and see if I can see the moon a little bit better I think there might be some cool ones in
there but I’m gonna have to get them into the computer and see cuz a lot of
them I was playing around with exposures and that kind of stuff crossing our
frozen fingers though hopefully there’s some cool stuff in there either way this
has definitely been a cool learning experience about this kind of
photography period so as far as whether I feel inspired now like the whole
mission was definitely I’m stoked to get these back in the computer see what they
look like if there’s some cool stuff I’ll show you guys and I’ll show you how
I edited them later this week anyway I’m gonna get my frozen self back to my
vehicle if you liked this video make sure to leave a comment below and on
your way down hit that like and subscribe button and I’ll see you next
time Can You Create Inspiration? // Photography Vlog

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