Camera Stabilization

RAMON GALVAN: Hello, world. OK. I got it. Hello, world. Do I say my name?>>DAVID MALAN: Yeah. Correspondent in the field. RAMON GALVAN: Can I get
a lower third of that? Correspondent in the field. Wait.>>DAVID MALAN: Senior.>>RAMON GALVAN: There you go. OK. I know. But I have to get loose. It has to happen. I’m clueless. That’s my prima donna pose. DAVID MALAN: Now you keep mentioning 4K. What is 4K exactly?>>RAMON GALVAN: That’s a
really good question. Very basically– DAVID MALAN: Cut to
the clip explaining 4K. Hello, world. My name is David Malan. RAMON GALVAN: I’m Ramon Galvan. DAVID MALAN: And we’re here at
NAB– the National Association of Broadcasters Conference
in Las Vegas, Nevada. But why are we here?>>RAMON GALVAN: I don’t know. I don’t know, David.>>DAVID MALAN: That was pretty good. Is this usable?>>RAMON GALVAN: Probably not.

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