Camera Settings for Shooting Portraits – Sony Alpha a7lll, A7RIII and A9

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  1. Excellent series on the A7RIII. I've watched the other videos and yours are head and shoulders above.

    PS: I kept forgetting what I put in memory locations 1,2, and 3 — so I set them at 1=Portrait, 2=Landscape, 3=Action. 1-2-3="P-L-A" as in Sony PLAystation !! Hah. Now I don't forget.

  2. Great video! It's unfortunate that there isn't an option to "Preserve Custom Modes" so that one doesn't lose their custom M1/M2/M3/M4 settings after a format especially since the a7iii only has 2 custom dial modes (1 & 2). They should easily be able to read in the M1-M4 settings to memory temporarily, then format the card, and then rewrite the settings to preserve them. This would then actually make them useful. Maybe something you could mention to one of your friends at Sony ๐Ÿ™‚ !

  3. Great video! Love your tutorials. Thank you for sharing these tips. New to Sony, been a Nikon shooting for 20 years. Your videos have helped me customize my a7III to my liking!

  4. Mark, thank you for this invaluable information! Question… I just opened my new A7iii. I have it set much as you described. Do you leave AF with shutter on or assign focus to a custom button when Eye AF is assigned AF On or Center button. Does activating/ holding the assigned Eye AF button take priority over shutter button? Thank you

  5. Another great set of advice which i am going to follow. Very well explained and structured. Good work!!

  6. hi mark great content of your video, i have recieved my A7III, i feel my lcd is over saturate, and the color on lcd is more red than the result, and in efv is fine, any tips to setting the lcd on my A7III, thank you ๐Ÿ™

  7. Many thanks Mark for these very useful videos. In this video you recommend setting Eye AF on the lens but in another you recommend setting to the AEL button. Do you change the Eye AF setting depending on what you are shooting?

  8. Hi Mark, Thanks for great skills explanations. I have one question, If I register some settings in any memory bank and latter if i dont want or change them, how can i delete that memory bank registry, without disturbing other memory banks. To do that i reset the camera to Factory defaults. So i lost other memory slots also lost. Please enlighten.

  9. Mark you just nailed it….. Thanks a lot… Keep posting more tutorials ๐Ÿ™‚ Glad I found your channel

  10. Thank you so much for posting this. I just went from an Nex7 to an a6000 and now, finally made the move to the a7III. Your tutorials are really time savers and a great starting point to get to customize the camera to my liking.

  11. Hi Mark thank you so much for the video tutorials, I have the A7 iii can you advise me which zoom lens to buy for wildlife action shots, I am unable to afford the G series … many thanks
    David UK

  12. Love it, really help me Mark. Question: my A7III is really struggling with Eye AF to find an eye, specially with my 24-70 GM, it seems ok with my 70-200 GM thought, so, do you think it's the lens that is not as good for that purposed, or what?

  13. The A7RIII and my A9 menus do not match up. This is confusing because the A9 is listed in the title.

  14. Goy my A7III (no R) today and came right here. Thank you for taking the time to do these very useful and high-quality videos.

  15. Mark I'm still confused about how to use the focus magnifier with a totally manual lens on the Sony a7III.ย  It seems like I have to chose it menu before it will allow me to magnify by pushing designated button.ย  I'm doing something incorrectly…but I keep doing it over and over!

  16. Hy Mark iwould like to start a wedding photography business and i like bouth sony a7iii and a7r iii . I would use the sony a7r iii as first camera and sony a7iii as second camera can you recomand me 5 best lenses for wedding video aswell. Or if you recomand me best 2 cameras and lenses for weddings in the budget of 12000-13000 euro besides sony!!! If you like here is may email adress: [email protected] THANK ! GREAT VIDEO!

  17. Thanks for the video! New to your channel. Recently got myself an a7iii. Coming from Canon I was dazzled by so many features on the Sonys.

    But, I'm a bit frustrated/ confused as well. For instance, I haven't found myself comfortable with the face detection af when doing photo. I don't find it that responsive. I am a "fast" shooter, I usually do stage / backstage work, or street work.

    Hadn't had the chance to do some real work yet with the Sony, but the tests I'm conducting return me about 1 of each 3 shots approx. having my subjects faces completely out of focus (focus locking somewhere else)… To the point I have deactivated face detect autofocus off.

    I use the 24-105 f4 and the 28 f2 lenses. Am I missing something (most probably) or is it that the Sonys (at least the a7iii) aren't that responsive in "rapid fire" action / situations?

    My tests put the Sony under intended "stressful" situations of having to shoot very fast, as I did with my Canon (6D) which seemed to respond better/faster.

    Oh and btw, it's not that I'm conducting my tests as it would be sports photo, because I have my subjects stand / sit still ๐Ÿคจ
    Any suggestions? Thanks a lot!

  18. Hello Mark Galer. Thank you very, very much for posting this excellent tutorial. Your experience and recommendations give us a valuable starting point for configuring the powerful A7III to maximize its capabilities. QUESTION: @13:35 you mention the Memory M1-4 are for saving one's settings to the SD card and possibly, importing them in another Alpha camera (e.g. a second A7III). Would this be just the current setting of the camera or would it include the saved settings in C1 & C2 on the A7III? Thanks in advance.

  19. Hi Mark, I used these settings on my A7iii yesterday for outdoor portraits. The exposures were perfect. Thank you! ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘

  20. Mark, a question on memory settings. You stated in this vid that they are stored on the memory card and are overwritten by a format. Is there any way to keep from overwriting those setting so they are not lost? I just switched over from Canon so I'm new and with Canon, I always formatted the card after getting the images onto the computer. Thank you so much for sharing these video. They are a great help to me getting started with Sony.

  21. Thank you for this great video! Could you please tell me what the three symbols on the bottom line refer to at 13:54? The numbers beside each of them are -1 +/-0 and +/-0. On my camera they are all 0.

  22. Thank you so much, that was so helpful.
    Does all these features will work with the Canon EF lenses? Im really struggling to have the Eye autofocus working properly.

  23. Thinking of switching to an a7riii and your channel is extremely helpful, have to admit though as someone who was trained on a Hasselblad 500cm and used Nikons from the f2 onwards the setup of these Sony's will take some getting used to!

  24. Love these camera settings tutorials for different types of shooting on a A7Riii . Do you have it summarized as a PDF ? I looked on your web site but didnโ€™t see any.

  25. Hi Mark. In the menu, Camera1 2/14, Lens Comp, whereas you can choose Distortion Comp, mine is greyed out, but I can still see that it reads Auto. When I select Distortion Comp the screen reads "This function is currently disabled". Since it doesn't read "incompatible with……, I have no idea how to enable it. Do you have any ideas on how I can enable this function? Thanks.

  26. Hi Mark, your videos have been a real help for me, I wanted to share my resent experience with the setting modifications, I had a shoot with a team of paintball players and when the time came to shoot with masks on AF EFS, focus was all over the place it just did not allow for eye recognition, I learned in your movie about fallback settings, this saved my day! I set up in my A7M3 with the C3 to override AF-C with AF-S and Expand Flexible Spot, on the fly focus, didnโ€™t waste a second. Thank you again and please keep sharing the knowledge.

  27. Bought the Sony A7iii about 3 weeks ago. These settings are spot on! Excellent individual portrait settings. Only issue has been group portraits. It seems to focus on one individual rather than multiple. What can I adjust for group photos or portraits of 2 or more people? [email protected] for any help. Great tutorial though Mark, easy to follow and results are spectacular.

  28. Awesome settings. Thanks for the video just put these settings into my Sony a7iii. One question that I had, once I put all the settings and save them to a memory recall. In the future When I choose aperture priority mode will all of settings be back to normal or will they have stayed the same from when I changed them to save to one of the modes.

  29. Thanks Mark. I have a question about the focus magnifier which I find on my A7iii does not work in the recommended focus mode AFC as I get a message "This operation or setting not available as follows – Continuous AF". It works fine in AFS. Thanks

  30. HI Mark, What happens to the settings after you have set them to a merry position? Do the settings go back to original? I have the A7iii

  31. Many thanks for that excellent video.
    I would have always used back button focus , to allow me to focus and recompose, all the time when shooting with my DSLR.
    I only got the A7iii this weekend and took a few hundred shots yesterday, not portraits, but I get the feeling that BBF is not needed for portraiture. What's your thoughts?

  32. This is great, thank you! I have this set up but I have 2 questions: 1) The aperture set up I have is somehow set to 1.8. How do I change it? I've not had this camera very long!

  33. I've watched a bunch of your videos now Mark and you are surely a Grand Master of Sony cameras– Thank you! One question about turning on the face detection in multi-metering mode, will this setting also properly expose the face while using a flash in TTL mode?

  34. I followed your steps when i press for eye af, it said this operation or setting not available as follows:- focus mode continuous AF… anything i did wrong?

  35. Hi Mark, you have Sony's ear so I'm pleading to you in the hope that they can solve this issue for studio shooters like myself. Sony really need to get on top of this as they're missing the mark in this respect.
    When shooting from f/8-f/11 and above, the A7III's AF is very poor – it is prone to hunting and missing focus. It is just not reliable in these kinds of scenarios. Many other studio shooters are reporting the same issue.
    When turning Setting Effect to 'off', the lens appears to make an attempt to focus at its widest aperture as the aperture blades open and then narrow to stop down when focus is acquired. This, unfortunately, isn't a very effective method. Is there any help forthcoming? Oh, and could you ask them to give us the option to change the grey focusing box to a red one? It could then change to green when focus is acquired. The grey box is very difficult to see in day light.
    To be quite honest, Mark, as a working professional I wouldn't have switched to Sony from Canon if I'd known about the issues with the AF. ๐Ÿ™

  36. Hi Mark, for your memory settings, do you use PAL or LAP for M1,M2, M3? I got a bit confused when watching some of the other videos. Of course I can choose them on my own. Tnx.

  37. Just recently joined the Sony world with the A7iii. i am coming from a Canon background so it has been some changes for me. I just discovered your series and absolutely love them! You have already taught me so much. Thank you!

  38. Hello Mark, just found your channel and subscribed. Very helpful after switching from Cannon. My question for you however, is should I use these or your action settings for concert photography? While it is still portraits, the movement of the subject is often much more frequent.

  39. Shooting Adobe RGB? Are you kidding me? Adobe RGB is for printing, for display ALWAYS use sRGB… DISLIKE.

  40. Another excellent and extremely helpful video. I hope Sony are rewarding you for all your effort!
    If you have the time, could you please tell me if leaving ant-Flickr on when shooting outdoors can have any negative effect, or if it should be turned off. Many thanks

  41. Firmware 5 for A9
    Using the portrait setting I have ISO set to auto but in use I canโ€™t get the shutter speed high enough.. I would think I Auto ISO would allow me to se a height shutter speed and the ISO would adjust accordingly.

  42. Hello Mark, I was wonder why do you use AF Lock on spot when shooting portraits? I notice with my camera when you use those setting and focus on a person face the spot will change to using a bunch dots focus spot on the face and i don't know what its really focusing on.

  43. As a Sony Ambassador you may not answer this but I've seen the skin on portraits of women can be too sharp & unflattering. Have you found this in your work? I shoot in the beauty industry so important

  44. Hi mark , Excellent information thanks for such a wonderful video . I have one doubt after updated firmware version 3.0 on A7III with press of shutter button half ,eye focus start automatically . With lockon AF wide mode I felt it focuses on eye first then lockon to track face not eye so there are chances we don't get sharp eyes .However ,in wide mode only it tracks eye only so I get pin sharp eye .I tested on my kid and found it .please correct if I m doing something wrong.

  45. Any update coming up soon, or are those settings still valid?
    Anyway, great way of explaining things and going through a particularly busy and somewhat confusing menu.

  46. Since I own the first A7, this material was not applicable. Anyway I like your way of explaining and teaching.

  47. Question….I'm working with the A7iii….my ISO AUTO Min SS doesn't have a FAST option….so what would you suggest?

  48. I use the A6500 and i adjusted your settings as best i could, because the A6500 does Not have all these options
    … if i want to take a picture from 2 People …only one face is sharp…not both. What am I doing wrong?
    Greetings from Germany ๐Ÿ˜Š

  49. Thank you. Those settings are awesome. I mostly shoot with Nikon. But using Sony for some of my portraits.

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