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100 thoughts on “CAMERA BASICS 2

  1. I’m a beginner. Haven’t bought my camera yet, you have explained everything that i needed to know, camera basics 3 will definitely help. Can you explain taking pictures at night or pitch black areas

  2. when I was a weddin g photographer with people dancing
    and low light or other situations with my fully manual camera and lenses, I would keep in focus by using depth of field and distance info

  3. dont' have a camera but also i'm watching it
    who knows I may get one at someday😜🤙

  4. I am a beginner. very very beginner. would you (or anyone of you who are experienced here) please tell something on which lens I should buy for my first camera? I have checked out some cameras in the stores recently. Some has a single lens and some with a combo pack. I mean like I should go for one of those combo kits? I wish to shoot landscapes/sceneries and architectures as I travel quite often. Any advice please? Thanks in advance

  5. THANK YOU for saying I did NOT have to be in manual mode! Is manual mode just for focusing? oh boy, I have got a lot of learnen to do. Where is my camera?

  6. Can you make a simple tutorial for all these settings mode? make it into certain scenario or conditions. Would love to have part 3.

  7. I loved the 3d camera effects you added please do a tutorial on how to track thing so accurately. Im assuming you used after effects. Love the video 😃

  8. I love these videos so much! I'm learning so much from your channel, Peter! I love hearing that you use mainly autofocus. As a total noob, I was questioning if manual was something that you wanted to master to be a pro. Thanks so much ^____^.

  9. I get to come back and watch these videos again and really pay attention to them as I have a camera now! 🙌🏽 It's just lenses and filters I need to get now 😂 I have the a7iii and bought a crop lens as my starter lens (16mm Sigma f1.4) 😆

  10. You should make a video on how to take care of the camera lens flash how to keep clean etc… not so much people talking about this but it's something really important.

  11. Love everything you said here. I have to disagree with you on recomposing your shots after locking focus. I used to think that my subject would stay in focus until a friend showed me how the geometry of focusing and recomposing will change the distance from where you lock focus and where the lens is in relation to the subject bc you will move slightly as you move your camera to recompose thereby creating sort of a triangle between the subject, where your camera is when you lock focus and then the 3rd point when you recompose. Until that time I never moved my focus points around to compose my shots the first time. Anyway – loving the channel! Keep it up!

  12. would it be a good idea to have a in depth basics 3 on how to blur and how to get a clean focus whether is on continuous af or auto af I still get blurred faces

  13. Hey thank you so much! I started out myself as an inked model and have friends who are photographers who have been helping me but WOW this is great info you have! I hope to have something to show for it! Thanks so much Peter!

  14. This is my first time watching any of your videos. Where have you been my whole life? TEACH ME EVERYTHING. 😂

  15. white balance isn't scary. Here is the basic idea:
    The camera has a sensor. The sensor can detect the amount of red, green, and blue.

    White reflects all colors and should reflect red green and blue equally well.
    But in the real world, the color of light in the scene plays tricks on your sensor (think about what happens when you shine a colored light at a piece of paper).

    A warm indoor light just pushes more red-orange light into the room so when the camera sensor sees something white it will get data has a bit too much red (for example). White balance is how you tell your camera what white really is. Your camera will be able to compensate once it knows what white looks like in the scene.

    Some cameras let you set the white balance by choosing a k value, or by choosing a mode. Some cameras let you select a point in the viewfinder and say "hey that's white"

    You can play around by telling the camera something that isn't white is white. and watching what happens (it makes all the colors look weird).

  16. Need #3. Please speak about light metering. Specifically how to get a good picture when the background is brighter than subject

  17. Hey Peter… just wanted you to do a video on mirrorless cameras.. they are fast and light but still not preferred much…

  18. My Canon 700D autofocuses really slowly so it's difficult for me when I vlog since most of the footage is out of focus for around 3 seconds. Any advice on what I should do?

  19. Manual Focus is also used in astrophotography. Auto Focus doesn't really work on pitch black backgrounds with just a few white bright dots :).

  20. Fun fact, I use manual focus, because my Lens's Autofocus was broken when I bought it off Ebay. but I've used it so much, that when I vlog, I know exactly where the focus meter needs to be for me to be in focus the whole time.

  21. Manual Focus is kind of necessary when taking Landscapes,To get the most out of your focus range, Since the DoF for any particular aperture is 1/3 on the front and 2/3 behind the point of focus.And most camera get it wrong on AF by just focusing at infinite(Farthest point),thus wasting 2/3 of the focus area.

  22. If your camera has live view (or whatever your brand calls using the screen for taking the shot) you can zoom in and focus it manually, as long as you have a stationary subject.

  23. Dude, I love your videos! You inspired me to buy my first SLR-camera just a couple days agoo.
    Thank you for being an inspiration & for all the tips/tricks!

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