Bus Colors – Street Vehicles – The Wheels on the Bus – The Kids’ Picture Show (Fun & Educational)

Bus Colors red tour bus orange tourist trolley yellow airport shuttle green school bus blue mini school bus indigo police bus purple double-decker bus pink minibus brown airport bus teal paratransit bus black limousine bus gray city bus white intercity bus rainbow articulated bus [The Wheels on the Bus
music plays]

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45 thoughts on “Bus Colors – Street Vehicles – The Wheels on the Bus – The Kids’ Picture Show (Fun & Educational)

  1. wheels on the bus GOES round and round round and round round and round the wheels on the bus GOES round and round ALL DAY LOOOOOOOOOONG

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  3. Bus colors:
    Red tour bus,
    Orange tourist trolley,
    Yellow airport shuttle,
    Green school bus,
    Blue mini school bus,
    Indigo police bus,
    Purple double-decker bus,
    Pink minibus,
    Brown airport bus,
    Teal paratransit bus,
    Black limousine bus,
    Gray city bus,
    White intercity bus,
    And Rainbow articulated bus

  4. Bus Colors: Red Tour Bus Orange Tourist Trolley Yellow Airport Shuttle Green School Bus Blue Mini School Bus Indigo Police Bus Purple Double Decker Bus Pink Minibus Brown Airport Bus Teal Paratransit Bus Black Limousine Bus Gray City Bus White Intercity Bus And Rainbow Articulated Bus

  5. Bus Colors: Red Tour bus, Orange Tourist trolley, Yellow Airport shuttle, Green School bus, Blue Mini school bus, Indigo Police bus, Purple Double-decker bus, Pink Minibus, Brown Airport bus, Teal Paratransit bus, Black Limousine bus, Gray City bus, White Intercity bus, And Rainbow Articulated bus.

  6. Tour bus
    Tourist trolley
    Airport shuttle
    School bus
    Mini school bus
    Police bus
    Double decker bus
    Airport bus

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