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What I love most about being a wedding
photographer is that I get to work with people when they’re their happiest, on
the best day of their lives, they look their best, they can feel their best.
They’re in love and I get to capture that! At Heather Bellini photography we
specialize in Weddings and Engagement Photography! It’s very important that we do an
engagement session before your wedding because it gives me a chance to get to
know you it gives you a chance to get to know me. Then I can see what you’re
like in front of the camera and you can see what I am like behind the camera.
What makes us unique in our services is that were very personal so being a good
fit is extremely important because I would always want to go into a wedding
day knowing that you chose me because you like my style. Everything is modern.
Everything is current. If a couple is looking at their wedding album in 50
years I want you to be able to look at your photos and say those could have
been taken yesterday. We don’t just do this part-time
this is 100% full-time. This is all I do. I have a team of photographers who work
for me. I have an assistant who works in my office to make sure that everything
that we’re doing for our clients is done in-house. We edit everything, we retouch
everything! We create albums.Everything is done right here in Buffalo in our office. If I was looking to hire a wedding
photographer I think it’s important for somebody to be on trend to know the
industry. A perfect wedding photo doesn’t feel staged. It feels … Natural We are a part of peoples love story When they contact us initially, until we
deliver their album. So there are times when
I do get emotional behind the camera, I usually end up crying during ceremonies and usually
during speeches. I care about just so much about someone’s wedding day as they do. Everything that I put out there in the world is something that I would
be happy to receive back if it was my own wedding day. So I want to make sure
that my brides and grooms are comfortable and taken care of!

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