BIRD Photography – Eastern Screech-Owl (a7RIV + 200-600)

welcome back to the channel everybody as
you can see behind me it’s finally snowing here in Canada we had three
about two or three weeks of just rain and really gross weather and finally
we’re getting some beautiful snow and it’s probably one of my favorite times
to photograph during the year, during a heavy snowfall I’ve come to this park
five times this winter so far trying to find the eastern screech owls that I
found last year I haven’t had any success I filmed four intros and had to
scrap every single one because I came up a little bit short every single time I
came out and then today I said you know what let me leave my vlogging stuff at
home because you know when you leave your camera at home you usually always
find something good to photograph or film so I had that same logic I was like
let me leave my vlogging stuff at home I’ll just go with my camera and
obviously today is the day that I find an Eastern screech owl so hopefully this
doesn’t sound or look too bad I’m filming it just straight off my phone
I’ve been at this park for about six hours today and I looked at well over 50
cavities and finally found one there was one where I thought I had one but it was
actually just a little squirrel head popping out so the eastern screech owl
is about a two minute walk that way and I wanted to come over here because I
didn’t want to disturb it by talking but I wanted to film this little intro for
you guys so you know what’s happening so I have him right Oh chickadee so I
have the owl right behind me I’m gonna grab some photos all I wanted to
say is get out there even if the weather is not too great and hopefully find some
great species good luck guys and I hope you enjoy these photos and videos

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