Bird Photography at the Beach | Camouflage | External Audio | Nikon Z7 + 500mm f/5.6E PF VR

ooh, this is so nice it’s really close to the shore, aah excellent! morning folks I’ve just come down to the
beach that’s about a kilometre from where I live and it’s high tide and it’s
just after sunrise and that’s a great combination because it means the light
is gonna be coming from sort of over behind me down to the beach and because
it’s high tide there’s water you know right up close to all these piles of
rotting seaweed which make for quite a comfortable place to lie and mean
that I can conceal myself here and the good thing about it from your point of view on YouTube is that you can’t smell it it doesn’t smell great no it doesn’t but
I’m really hoping to see shorebirds here I can hear curlew and redshank and
I’ve seen lots of starlings a little bit further away working on the shore so I’m
just gonna wait here and see if any of those come close enough for me to take
some video and some pictures yeah I’ve been inspired to do this by watching
some of Trond Westby’s videos so thanks very much for the inspiration and yeah
apart from the smell of the rotting seaweed this seems like a very nice way
to spend an early Saturday morning Nothing much happened in two hours so
this method clearly isn’t working this is clearly not the location to just wait
in it might be better with the rising tide that might push the birds towards
here whereas what happened this morning is that the birds were ever further away
and they didn’t start off close so just really didn’t get anything much got some
video of there’s a different flocks of birds in the distance feeding that was
quite nice and it’s been really nice watching everything here but I’ve got no
photos to show for it so I need a different tactic and what
I’m gonna do is I’ve packed up the camo and I’ll pack up this role mat that I’m
sitting on and I’m just gonna walk along the shoreline and see if I can just get
any pictures sort of creeping along rather than waiting and really if I
don’t find anything in the next hour or so I’m going to go home have some coffee
breakfast and maybe even go back to bed so let’s see what happens right so this is working a lot better
than I think I’ve moved away from that little muddy bay and I’m out sort of
right by the water’s edge where the sea is actually receding so it’s gonna be getting
further away but that’s what I want at the moment
nothing’s gonna land on the water’s edge right next to me because that would be far
too close I mean I’ve got the camo on and I’ve got in amongst some of these rocks
here but I’m still really obviously here and so I don’t think they’re gonna come
that close but if I lie here and wait hopefully as the tide recedes the birds
will start going past where I’m actually lying and I’ll be able to get some shots
this is actually the day after the last time I spoke to camera as probably tell
the weather is much much nicer yesterday I moved to in roughly the same place I
couldn’t tell you if it’s the same rocks or not I suspect it’s not and lay
here for a while and I did get some quite nice pictures of curlew and oystercatchers but I went away feeling that I hadn’t really got the shots I wanted and
so when I saw this morning that it was such a lovely day I decided I’d come out
again yeah despite really wanting to
stay in bed because it’s the second morning in a row of getting up really
early don’t really want to but it’s absolutely beautiful out here it’s so so nice there’s a little
bit of a breeze but the sea is still perfectly calm enough to take pictures
of any waterfowl that to swim past and yeah I can hear curlew all over the
place and what some of the smaller waders as well yeah I’m hopeful I’ll get something here and if not it’s lovely
just being here really good so in terms of equipment I’ve got the Z7 and a 500mm PF lens and I’ve actually got a microphone attached but it’s not top of
the camera because I find that when I put the external mic on top of the
camera it picks up all those rustles and clicks and whirring of the autofocus and
vibration reduction mechanisms in the lens there’s a lot of sounds basically
that I don’t really want to record so putting the microphone a little distance
away from the camera on its own new tripod works a lot better and I’ve been
trying to do that more recently it’s a little bit more faff but it produces nicer audio
quality Ithink so we’ll see how it works Oh, there’s a sea duck out there Ineed to take some pictures of that ooh this is so nice this is so nice it’s
really close to the shore aah excellent right so the light’s got pretty harsh now
and the number of people coming out on the beach has increased so probably it’s
time for me to pack up and go home have a cup of coffee but it’s been absolutely
awesome here on the beach this morning and yesterday was good so yeah I hope you’ve
enjoyed what will probably be quite a short video joining me here on the beach the sea duck came back a few times and
there was a small group of smaller waders that came tantalizingly quote
they never quite came on to this sand spit looks just in front of where I’m sitting and yeah there’ve oystercatchers and curlew and I think I’ve got a few shots but they’re quite shy and not really come very close so we’ll have to see what they look like when I get them onto the computer and anyway hope you enjoyed this short video and if you have please like and leave a comment and if you like what I’m doing with the YouTube channel please consider subscribing and yeah, thank you very much for watching and goocbye

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