Best iPhone Lenses: Moment, Sandmarc, Olloclip, RhinoShield, and others tested

Hey everyone Dan here for Macworld
and today I’m getting away from behind the camera and in front of you to
finally get to the video that I promised you months ago and that is which is the
best iPhone lens / iPhone lens system if you don’t want to watch the entire thing
and you just want the quick answer the quick answer is to go moment lenses but
that’s not to say that these other ones are bad and I want to go through kind of
all of them or the ones that are I think worth talking about just so that you
know why you might actually want to go with a different system so let’s just
start off with the BigDog moment lens now Lohmann lenses are the priciest but
there are also very highly regarded and they produce great images these are
newer versions of the old one you can see how here’s the old wide which was a
considered their 18 millimeter and here’s their newer wide that’s because
the newer iPhone and some of the other phones out there have larger sensors and
so they had to replace the old version with the new version because there was a
little bit of vignetting around the corners and just some issues you could
just see how it’s you know a lot more glass a lot more weight and I think they
increase the price of these so the telephoto and the wide are 120 dollars
they also have a fisheye and a mackerel those ones are a hundred eyes and they
do have an anamorphic lens which I still plan on doing a video about I all
promise that one for later these are great lenses they’re sharp they’re made
well and my favorite thing about them and why the moment lens system is my
favorite is that they use this kind of bayonet system right here so it’s and
these two little notches and if you have a case basically it just goes right on
like that and it’s mounted and you kind of get it on every time you can switch
to the telephoto if you need to if you have an iPhone 10 10s or 10s Max and you
already have a telephoto lens sure you can use the telephoto on the telephone
and kind of get a four times the standard zoom compared to the regular
standard lens and if you’re doing just photos
I think it’s usable but if you’re trying to shoot video if you’re gonna have such
a hard time keeping its tabled and looking worthwhile unless you’re thrown
another tripod if you have those phones you can probably skip a telephoto if you
just have the iPhone 10 R then I would say that a telephoto is very useful it
gives you that kind of nice focal range that makes for a great portrait lens so
people just kind of look really nice and in that kind of slight telephoto ish
range and I will say that no matter what lens you would add to it the telephoto
on this phone is going to be better than using a telephoto on the standard it’s
just sharper we can talk about cases for a second these are the kind of different
versions that they have and they’re made very well they look stylish
maybe a little thick but I will say off the bat that I’m generally not a case
person I prefer to just keep my phone like this and then when I plan on going
out and I wanted some options then I’ll throw a case on it and carry a couple
lenses the moment lenses are great and no one’s going to dispute that but they
are the most expensive I’m not gonna say they’re the best value the best value
are going to be the San Marcos and optically these San Marc lenses are
going to be in my experience just as good as the moment lenses and they’re
significantly cheaper or I should say when you kind of include the case and
all that they’re significantly cheaper these are each $100 and a case comes
with it you can see the iPhone 10s version here and it also comes with a
clip so that you can use it on the front-facing or someone else has another
phone and you just want to kind of put it on berries you can do that this is
the 10s version which has two lenses so you can see two slots there and so
you’re probably asking why do I say these are the best lenses because
they’re cheaper and they look just as good and for me I would say it’s because
this lens system is not as easy or as quick to use at the moment system and I
really am a big fan of the bayonet method of connecting a lens to the phone
this is a screw-on system and I think because the tennis has these two double
kind of mounts sometimes the threading is a little bit tricky you can see just
right now when you don’t thread it perfectly it gets caught you kind of
have to back it out and then kind of like right find the right thing and when
you just want to take a quick photo that’s a little bit annoying the case is
it feels a little cheap I’m not gonna pretend like it’s not and it’s not the
most solid but it is very thin and it is free when you compare the moment lenses
to lenses plus the case here at two hundred and eighty dollars when you say
to San Marco enza’s which includes the cases for two hundred dollars that’s a
pretty significant price difference for pure best value and without sacrificing
any image quality I really do like the San Marc lenses so the next lens system
that I want to talk about is the olloclip lens system they used to go
forward just these really tiny lenses and you grab one and you can mount it on
your phone and they’re relatively inexpensive each of these lenses is
about forty five dollars except for their proline which are $100 each and
then they have a few different mounting options so first there’s the multi
device and that one’s just kind of like a little clip that can be used on pretty
much any phone and then there’s also this 10 s version but there’s a unique
version for every iPhone model because it has kind of like a fitted slot that
goes over the pre-treating rear camera and that’s just kind of how it kind of
locks on and centers everything each time so I have some issues with the
whole kind of olloclip system first the smaller lenses they get software on the
edges and they’re probably good enough for things like social media the pro
lenses are pretty sharp and they’re probably just as good as the sand marks
or the moments and so if you’re really interested in keeping up the kind of
image quality then you can go with the pro models but those are pricier and
then there’s just kind of a build quality issue where they just don’t fit
perfectly like the previous version which I had for the iPhone 10 and I like
that a lot but the bill quality seems to have come down a little
bit as far as my recommendation I would say I don’t recommend the multi clip
I’ve had to kind of get stuck open a bunch of times it also just doesn’t grip
very well but I would recommend the kind of specific iPhone model clips if you
are someone who refuses to not use a case whatsoever or if you are someone
who takes a lot of selfies the next one I want to talk about and this is thanks
to a user named ironic and she recommended a company called Rhino
shield they have two versions of the lens and that is this HD version and
this one costs $60 and then they have another cheaper one which I want to say
is $30 I’m not 100% certain what makes the difference between the regular
version and the HD version but this is a little bit different because it is also
macro lens so you kind of get the wide-angle and a macro for the same
price but the Rhino shield only really offers that one lens so there’s no
telephoto there’s no fisheye there’s no like you’re really higher-end dedicated
macro the lens is a little bit softer it’s not quite as bad as the small
hollow clips are I don’t think it’s it’s it’s a deal-breaker soft especially for
that price the strength of the rhino shield is obviously not in the lens or
the lens selection but it is in their case selection so if you are someone who
really cares about their cases then rhino shield
offers just a ton of options like and here’s like a stack more they have
different lines different materials some of their lines called the mods you can
put on like different edging and you can even change the buttons colors if you
wanted to so I think if you care a lot about your case and you really want that
personalized case experience where no one else really has that exact same
combination as you then the rhino shield is good especially like I said if you
have a 10 or tennis or tennis max it does require
this little adapter so that you can use the lens on it here is the lens and it
does use the bayonet style that I like so it is pretty quick and then you’re
you’re good to go it’s it’s it’s not bad if you are someone who like me does not
like to normally use a case you are gonna lose this adapter hi this is my
second one I lost the first one it just pops out really easily and I guarantee
you if you were someone’s taking the case on and off a lot you are gonna lose
that so if you care about your case and you only need a wide-angle lens and you
don’t quite care about if it’s perfectly as sharp then the Rhino shield is a good
way to go the last lenses I kind of wanted to talk
about are you know some of these ones that you find on Amazon for you know $20
$30 they’re cheap they work they give you a wide-angle lens they aren’t as
sharp as the best lenses but I would say they’re usable it does include a macro
in addition to just a wide but they’re big they’re heavy and they require you
to use just the one clip and I hate just trying to rely on these clips because I
have a problem always try and like line them up it’s just a little tricky
especially if it’s in the dark very easy for them to just get bumped just a tiny
bit and be misaligned and that just messes up your shot let’s take a look at
these two lenses and if you can see they look pretty much identical I don’t want
to say that they are identical you tell me if these two to you are different or
are they very similar or suspiciously similar you decide for $20 they they
they give you a $20 job so they’re not ripping you off they work but I would
not recommend it I would say you know you’re just better off not not using it
whatever so that was kind of my look at iPhone
is leave a comment in the video because I want to hear what your thoughts are do
you disagree with me do you have any experiences with any of these lenses
because I think sharing that our other viewers will would love to hear that and
they can get different different take on it my take is obviously going to be a
little different because I do still carry a mirrorless but when I’m you know
just going to a new neighborhood or just hanging out and I don’t really want to
take a whole camera then I can just throw a couple lenses in my pocket and
I’m kind of good to go so that’s kind of the perspective that I come from but
yeah I hope you enjoy this and stay tuned for more macro videos

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64 thoughts on “Best iPhone Lenses: Moment, Sandmarc, Olloclip, RhinoShield, and others tested

  1. Very cool mate 👍🏻 thank you for helping me make my decision on what lenses to buy. I have an iPhone XS Max ✌🏻🇦🇺👍🏻

  2. Do you currently use any lenses with your phone?
    If the next iPhone's have a third camera and it's a wide-angle, it'll be interesting how that shakes everything up. – Dan

  3. Spot on reviews, thank you! I can refer others to this video now. I use Moment lenses and Olloclip lenses with my XS Max, I enjoy macro photography most of all and have made some videos for my channel using lenses from Moment & Olloclip. Your assessment of ease of use and quality are accurate and I would say the same, Moment wins with build quality and ease of use and their glass is great. I don't like the attachment system by Olloclip, compared to what they used to make years ago, but having said all that, I really love the Olloclip lenses, their 3 different lenses for macro are amazing and I have so much fun with them, I'm kind of getting used to their clunky attachment piece now, but I would pay double for the system if they built a better one.

  4. Great video and thanx for the mention! This very afternoon I returned from a short trip to Paris and I took lots of photos with my iPhone (excusively) and the Rhinoshield lens. After your test I maybe switch to the Moment system. Tempting… As the Rhinoshield lens and the Moment lens use the same mountingsystem, do you think a Moment Lens would fit a Rhinoshield case? The adapter is a thing to lose indeed. It also collects lots of dust so wiping it clean before taking a photo is a must. How is that with the other cases (the Moment case)? A tripod helps with taking the best photos with the iPhone in combination with a lens. Especially with apps like Halide and Spectre (long exposure)
    If interested I post my photos on my Instagram: @parisbyironic Kind regards!

  5. Why on earth did you ignore the Sirui Lenses? The're sitting right there on the desk between the Olloclip and the Wide/Macro lenses and you skip right over them. My experience is that they are better than the Moment lenses, and the bayonet mount works on the Moment case. I'm perplexed.

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  10. I think you should also review KASE lenses, Pro or Master version Lenses and Ultra Wide lenses . This are comparable with Moment but due to lack of publicity they are not well know. There Macro Lens are having 40 to 75mm focal length which makes them practically usable . Very solid Build

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  16. I saw a review showing that the edge sharpness of the Sandmarc wide is mush sharper than the Moment V2. But in this review, it looks the opposite.

  17. Thanks for your review! I'm wondering if you have any experience or feedback with the actual print quality of the photos? I know most people just use their photography for social media these days. But I'm wondering if you actually printed any of the photos (particularly the Moment/Sandmarc) and if they are a good as the quality you show in the video? Thanks again!

  18. Get 15% off on all items MOMENT INC    Remember to enter coupon code "TRAVELSALE" at check out.

  19. Thank you for the great video. I am going with the wide-angle Moment lense. I get folks telling me I need to do horizontal. I get a better picture when I do verticle. How do I get the widest possible for youtube using a vertical iPhone shot?

  20. During spring break I went to Paris and Amsterdam. I was able to capture some amazing photos with sandmarc wide lens. I was able to take a picture of Notre-Dame minutes before it burn down and eiffel tower at night right below it. I would really love to share this images I took.

  21. Great video….I have an iphone xr and purchased a heavy duty expensive case for it….I drop it all the time….what would you recommend for a clamp on lense that will fit over top of any iphone case? I don't take professional photos…I just mess around a little…recommendations? Thanks

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  27. I'm in the market for high quality macro lenses. Unfortunately you don't mention two important factors: (1) How close can you get to your subject and, more importantly (2) how much can you capture when you are as close as possible to your subject. This provides REAL magnification data. The 15X rating (or whatever) you see on those lenses is MEANINGLESS! Shoot a metric ruler, as close as possible and when you look at the results, either on a monitor or printed on paper, you can compare them to a real ruler and quickly figure out the REAL magnification. The ruler shot also shows you how much of the image is actually usable. The edges tend to be too soft with some lenses.

  28. Thank you for the Quick answer… I watched the entire video just out of respect for that! Keep up the good work!


  30. Great Video! Straight to the point and I like that. Not only that but you showed in great detail comparison between the different types. This video alone helped me to purchase a lens for my parents.

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