Best Camera Apps for Android – How to Film with Android Smartphones!

– Hey, it’s Justin Brown
here from Primal Video. If you’ve ever looked
in the Android app store for camera apps, apps to
take your video creation to the next level using your smartphone, you’ll realize that there’s way too many options out there for you. There’s lots of good free options. There’s, really, a heap
of awesome paid options. My original list for this video, I started with ten.
My top ten apps. That’s way too many.
I’ve narrowed it down to 4. In this video, we’re gonna cover my top 4 recommendations for aftermarket, or third-party, video
camera apps for Android. I’m also gonna reveal what I feel is the best camera app, as well. So, we’re gonna free
options and paid options, so make sure you stay tuned. (high-tempo electronic music) So, very quickly, before
we jump into the apps, why should you be using a third-party, or an aftermarket, camera app for video when you’re creating content
using your Android device? The biggest reason is that
you’ll get full control over how the image looks,
you won’t have your light changing or your focus changing while you’re actually recording. You’ll get better quality, higher quality videos out, in most cases. You’ll just have full
control over everything. So, like I said, there’s way
too many options out there. But there is some really good
solutions, both free and paid. So, the one we’re gonna
start with is free. It is probably, not probably, it is, in my recommendation, the best free option that you have for a third-party
or aftermarket camera app for video for your Android device. And that is Open Camera. Now, Open Camera’s one that we recommended quite a while back in our video, “How To Create Professional-Looking Videos Using Your Android Device”. This camera app has come
a long way since then. It was our pick back then,
and it’s still our pick for best free camera app on Android. It even beats out a lot of paid options. It’s really easy to use,
the results are fantastic, and it seems to support a huge range of Android devices and works really well. While it does have an
exposure lock setting, so that your camera’s not adjusting brightness while you’re
filming or moving around, it doesn’t actually tell you the shutter speed that it’s using. Not a deal breaker, still an awesome app. But that’s probably the one
thing I feel that it’s missing. So, moving on, now, to the remaining three which are paid options, or
paid camera apps on Android. I’m gonna talk about these
quickly based on their price, or ordered by their
price, so we’ll start with the cheapest one first,
which is Cinema FV-5, or FV5. Now, this one sells in
Australia for AU$2.99. Once again, you get full menu control. You’ve got awesome interface,
easy-to-use interface. You get full control over
your codec choice in this one, which I think is a cool addition. I really like that all you’re options aren’t buried in menus,
and they’re really easy to find on the actual dashboard. So, once again, this
camera app doesn’t give you your actual shutter reading, or your ability to
adjust your shutter speed as you normally would on a
DSLR or on a normal camera. But it does give you exposure lock so that you can lock down your exposure, and it’s also got an anti-flicker mode so that you can reduce any flicker or eliminate any
flickering from any lights that you may be using in your scene. The next app is Cinema 4K, and
this one sells for AU$6.22. Now, this one has, once again, a fantastic, easy-to-use interface. Great results from the camera. What this one has that the others don’t is a flat color profile, which
I think is really powerful. That’ll give you greater
control and felxibility over your color grading, and
the look and feel of your video when you’re in your editing software. And the last app is a really popular one and it’s probably been around for the longest amount of
time, and that’s Filmic Pro. And it sells for AU$13.99. This is an app that gives you, once again, full control over everything. Gives you image stabilization, it gives you bit rate control. Gives you all the same
features from the others, but it does also support
external hardware. So, any lens adapters or
even direct connection to the DJI Osmo Mobile,
and have full integration and control over your filming with that. So, this app was one of the game changers when it first came out on iOS, actually, for giving you full
control over the cameras, and it led to people using this app to create things like
documentaries and indie films to showcase the power of the
cameras in our smartphones. I’ve probably spent
the most amount of time using Filmic Pro over the other apps, but I think that biggest thing that all the other apps have over
Filmic Pro is the interface. To go in and adjust
settings and find settings, a lot of the settings are
buried within menus upon menus. And it’s really hard to quickly get set up and shooting with Filmic Pro. The other thing is, if you
accidentally close the app or you press the home button on your phone and you open the app back up, a lot of your settings aren’t saved. So, it really can make it a hassle to use. Now, Filmic Pro does
have presets available. So, you can save your settings, and that way when you close
the app or open the app you can load your presets
and all your settings. In theory. In practice, I’ve never, ever
seen it work as it should. It’ll save some of the
settings, but not all of them. So, while it gives you full
control over everything and it gives you an awesome result, it’s not a seamless interface,
not a seamless workflow. Especially compared to
some of the other apps. So, what’s my pick, or my recommendation? Clearly, if you don’t
wanna spend any money, then I would highly recommend that you use Open Camera, because it’s free. But not just because it’s free, it’s actually a really decent,
really professional app. If you’re looking to spend some money, I think it’s definitely, definitely worth looking at Cinema 4K. That’s an app that really surprised me and it’s now my go-to
camera app for Android. It’s one that I feel
that’s definitely worth having installed on your Android device if you’re looking for full menu controls, for an easy-to-use interface, for a huge amount of options and control and functionality,
then that is my pick. You can always purchase
the app, have a play around and hit the refund button
if it’s not for you. You can actually do
that for all of the apps and I would probably
recommend that you do, so that you know that you’re using the best app that’s right for
you and for your workflow. If you found this video helpful, we’d really appreciate a thumbs up and make sure you click
that subscribe button. If you were looking for
the same video but for iOS, then I’ve got a link
on-screen now to help you, or, if you’re an Android
user and you’re looking to get the best results and
create the best-looking-content videos that you can, check out the other video
linked on the screen. I’ll see ya soon.

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100 thoughts on “Best Camera Apps for Android – How to Film with Android Smartphones!

  1. I tried the apps you mentioned in this video, and they were great thanks. But one thing really annoying me is that the clips are not as smooth as the built-in camera app, no matter how I changed the settings. Do you have the same issue in your device? May phone is LG G5.

  2. please let me know, can i record in 60fps? my one plus 2 default camera app only records in 30fps. which app i should use?

  3. when i install the Cinema 4k
    and open it
    there is a pop up message and it says
    "Your camera doesn't support the new Camera API of Google"
    I need help i reallyx2 need the Cinema 4k
    Thank you

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  5. hey Justin, had used open camera for record video but file size of recorded video was very large like 2 gb for 17 minute video, m i missing something?

  6. yeah i like the open camera, i bought the filmic pro and suck on my s7 edge, it focus hunts alot if it does not see contrast. no ones going to use a gimbal and lock the focus lol, filmic pro use old school contrast focus which can't beat dual pixel focusing of the samsung ap, dji and open camera does not hunt too. ill give camera 4k a try thanks great video

  7. i like open camera for video recording for mi max cause …..standart mi max camera for video recording the result is blur ,,focus is teribble …thank you

  8. Open camera is nice, but don't have 4k options. The Cinematic 4k don't seems to have very good reviews on app store. Anyway, I've done some tests with Open camera and had great results, even in 1080. Thank you !

  9. So I bought an Xperia xa1 the other day.
    I expected a little better video quality but it was fine for what I needed it for.
    Then I found open camera through your video and I've managed to make the video quality much better. I thank you very much.

  10. When im Taking Pictures The Lightning was so good but when i start to film it gets darker. Can u help me for this?

  11. Thank-you justin This really helped me because i just used android. Because I previously always use iphone 7 plus

  12. Can u make a vid for android that u can pause when u are recording a vid and after u pause u can close ur phone and after u on back ur phone its till there

  13. it doesn't record in the 16:9 ratio even after tweaking the settings in 4K mode, everything just comes out in 4:3 regardless, any pointers? I'm talking about the Cinema 4K app. Is it becoz I'm still in unpaid mode?

  14. Hey man , hopefully you can save my life lol I have been using cinema 4k but only the trial version on my Google pixel .. I love it. But I recently updated my phone to 8.0 Oreo and since I did, when I try to open the app it just shuts down and give me option to try again or close 🙁 I tried a bunch of free apps and even open camera and just wasn't impressed I bought filmic pro . I do enjoy filmic pro but seeing how much better it is on iOS sucks lol and i miss cinema 4k . Should I try to purchase the app and see if that makes a difference?

  15. Cheers mate, this has been super useful. I've never considered using my phone for shooting, I'm impressed what they can do these days. I bought Cinema 4K and FiLMiC Pro. Cinema 4K worked ok, but it would regularly just close on me and forget all settings. The flat profile option seem cool, but I don't know what to do once in the video editor. I use PowerDirector software.

    FiLMic Pro just worked. I wouldn't say it has deep or hidden options, I wish it had more, I've seen some videos on the Apple version and it's a much stronger product, hopefully we will get some of these updates to Android.

    I have a Le Eco Max 2 and the videos come out a bit over processed, but I don't think one can change this. On the other hand I can now make content in 4K which is a new world to me.

    Thanks for doing these videos!

  16. if you have an old Smartphone (without 16/9 Format support) and want make real 16/9 VIDEO = use OpenCamera, it really works in good quality ! (i use on my 2nd old phone) – just look in setup (test all 16/9 formats)

  17. Im using open camera and cinema fv-5, both had been working great so far. I would like to try filmic pro but it is not available for my device sadly. Overall thank you for your tutorial.

  18. I love Cinema 4K but one of the problems I have is it doesn't support anything above 30fps. I can't seem to find any apps other than the stock camera app the support 60fps or above on my Google pixel 2. Filmic Pro is great but it crashes when recording anything above 30fps.

  19. +Justin Brown – Primal Video I am just noticing that Filmic Pro has more options for selecting FPS compared to the other two which max out at 30 FPS. What is your opinion?

  20. I wanted filmic pro because it supports audio playthrough so i could monitor audio and record audio all from the one jack.. do any of the other apps support audio "playthrough"?

  21. I bought Cinema FV-5 Pro and damn, it is awesome! But unfortunately, it doesn't do continuous autofocus and well, my phone has a pretty good PDAF which works in default app and open camera

  22. Open Camera has been disappointing as sometimes the lock just does not work and auto out of focuses it drives me nuts. Some times it just does not work then I have to uninstall and reinstall to get it working again.

  23. Hello Justin, could you share me a link (which really works) where I can buy/download FiLMiC video recorder for Android 6.0. As I know FiLMiC PLUS runs on Android system, but I did not find any good link? Thanks!

  24. Great video … Very2 helpfull … What do you think about Camera MX app ? … Is it better pic & video quality compare to Open Camera app ?

  25. Thank you for suggesting Open Camera! It made my video quality so much better and made the switch. I appreciate your research and guide. <3 Momma Remi

  26. I've started a YouTube channel and having problems shooting video with my android (with front camera) using a suction cup holder on my bathroom mirror and placing it to make it look like I am talking to the viewers, do you have a video on that?

  27. Thank you so much for this post. I bought a smartlav+ to take my food video's audio to the next level. I film using my smart phone which is a Huawei P20. It's a great phone but when I plugged the mic in to use the camera's built in video camera it would not record through the mic. No matter what I did, scoured the internet but no answer. Saw your video, just now downloaded Open Camera and 2 mins later my Smartlav+ mic, with the help of a 20 ft extension cable was clearly recording video sound from over 20 ft. Brill!!! Keep up the good work.

  28. Justin — I love your videos however, of all the app's you mentioned, your "go-to camera app for Android" (Cinema 4K) has the worst reviews. Only 2.7 stars on Google Play (at the time of this writing). I'm not saying the public is always right but the numbers do have some merit, questioning your credibility on this one. I'd recommend at the time of your posting, mention the qty of downloads & rating for the app your reviewing. Also consider stating when the last update to the app was. Cinema FV-5's last update was 2 years, 9 months ago. Is it at its end of life?? Thanks & Keep the videos coming!

  29. aha, i think i got da solution here. set the frame rate/bitrate as 30fps/8mbps, while 60fps/12mbps. thats how da file size will b normal for an adequate video quality.

  30. Somebody can help me?
    In the open camera when I use the ISO manual
    (use 100,200,400,…)
    my video has have 10-13 fps
    (xiaomi redmi note 4)

  31. Mr. Brown, I bought an ORDRO Camera, could you kindly let me what app I can use to down load my recordings, I down loaded LzxView, but is not working

  32. For some reason I am unable to record in 4k when using Open Camera or Cinema 4k is this an app r or a smartphone problem, I can record in 4k without using any apps and have no problems.

    Smartphone spec’s Samsung Galaxy S7 Android Version Oreo 8.0

    Is there a fix for this problem?

  33. Thank you so much! I’ve been trying to find the best options and it seems like all the video just end up covering photos in the end instead of actual video. Thank you again!

  34. Hey Justin, which Android would you recommend. I was talking with the guys at filmic pro and there seem to be a lot of issues with top phones (except iPhone and I don't wanna …) here's more details with a general list of brands and issues: . I'd really like to hear your opinion.

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