Best 4K Camera 2019 Under $500 – Panasonic Lumix FZ300 Top Features – Best Bridge Cameras 2018

In this video the best budget 4K
bridge camera this year, Panasonic FZ300 if you’re looking for a 4k camera
with great features and best value for the money. The Lumix FZ300 is probably
the 4k camera for you. Top features in the best in class with 24 times zoom, 2.8
aperture and 35 millimeters Leica a lens high image quality even in low-light
conditions optical image stabilizer, ideal for
stable and less blurred videos shoot shoot your videos in 4k up to 30 frames per second the FZ 300 was buildd for outdoor lovers
a camera with a splashproof/dustproof design you can take pictures with a
high-resolution live viewfinder all settings are displayed directly in front
of your eye with the 3 inches free angle
touch-panel rear monitor you have the freedom for new perspectives it’s easy
to understand the freedom for new perspectives and image control this is a
very handy camera its body has a hand fitting grip and all buttons are well
positioned and for a bridge camera the flexibility for external accessories is
also available post focus the feature that gives you
the ability to sharp the target after the picture was taken high-speed autofocusing with a burst
shooting speed of six frames per second and enhance your creativity and 4k
photos with three burst shooting modes shooter 12 frames per second in 12
megapixel full resolution if you a fan of macro shots the FZ 300
can shoot up to a distance of 1 centimeters one of my favorites feature is
connectivity, the built-in Wi-Fi enhances creativity by taking shots in new ways.
The camera can be controlled from your smartphone or tablet using the Panasonic
image App With the FZ300 you can shoot images
in RAW format and even developing them from inside the camera, you have the
control to add special effects to photos and videos, and record high-speed videos
at 100 frames per second in high definition. So if you’re looking for the
best budget 4k ‘bridge camera this year keep watching, and click to continue
with the unbox video. THANKS FOR WATCHING!

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19 thoughts on “Best 4K Camera 2019 Under $500 – Panasonic Lumix FZ300 Top Features – Best Bridge Cameras 2018

  1. How about a video about THE BEST BUDGET 4K BRIDGE CAMERAS WITH MIC INPUTS? There aren’t much videos if any videos out there about that.

  2. I agree the FZ300 is a great camera, but it's overpriced when you can get a similar full 1" sensor camera for very little more. And it's stupid for video because it does not have a headphone jack. That's essential. Find a used RX10 if you are on a budget.  (The Fz300 is even bigger than an RX10!) Or if you just want stills save a buck and get the more compact fz200 instead (which I own and love for stills and less critical video work.)

  3. I owned a used one of these but it had been knocked about,
    So I thought I'd buy a new upgrade,
    The FZ1000,
    AFTER using the FZ1000 for a few days I still missed the fz300,
    I sold the fz1000 and got me another new fz300,
    I'm now happy 😊

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