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Hi, this is Maggie Hudson. Welcome to PhotographyHacker.com Today I want to share with you a
technique called panning. It’s really fun. You’re going to lower your shutter speed to
be able to capture the motion of the subject in your frame. You’re still wanting your subject to be
crisp, clear and in focus, but you wanna show in the background of the photo that they are in motion and what direction
they’re moving. So in the following video I was panning a subject. I’m gonna show
you some things that you might want to avoid as well some techniques you’re
gonna try out to get some panning in your own photography. Have fun! In this clip, I wanted to
demonstrate what most people do as action is happening. You get excited. You know you only have a
couple seconds to capture it so you try to move with it. What this is gonna causes lots of
blurriness in your photos. Here some of those samples that I was
talking about with the shutter speeds that I used to capture them. as you can see the main subject is
almost as blurry as the background. Although the effect is kinda cool to see
the motion in the background, you want to make sure that you’re still
capturing your subject nice, crisp, and clear in the foreground. Instead of moving with them as they’re
coming through the frame, what you want to do is make sure your
body is as still as possible and the only thing that should be moving is your camera with whatever you want in
focus in the photo. Now with these I was trying to
make sure that Bill’s face was in focus. So as I was looking through my camera I was making sure to look at his face to
make sure that my camera moved right along with it in the photos. Here some samples along with some
shutter speeds. I wanted to make sure that you could see that I use the same shutter speeds
between 140th and 160th of a second as you saw on the first photos; but because of
my technique and how I had my body planted and I moved only my camera and lens with the subject, I
was able to get him in focus while maintaining that nice blurry effect in
the background. That was a quick tutorial on panning I really hope you got try that one. It’s
so much fun especially when you nail it just right. This is Maggie Hudson, thanks for
stopping by PhotographyHacker.com. For the latest news, videos, and some exclusive content, make sure you
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