ASI Hastings Energy Efficient HVAC & Home Solar Panels

ASI is a family-owned and operated company
here in San Diego since 1952. ASI began as a heating and air conditioning
company. We now also do home performance and solar
is the topper for everything. This is a team at ASI. It’s more of a family and a team combination. We all work together very well and we all
work very well off of each other. ASI goes above and beyond starting with the
white gloves. We give white-glove service to all of our
clients and it starts at the front door. Our engineers, our teammates, our advisors,
they shake your hand with a glove. No germs. They touch your things. No fingerprints. They work on your equipment. No messes. We put floor protectors down. We wear shoe protectors. We go above and beyond when it comes to your
normal replacement of equipment. Heating and air conditioning as a whole is
something that is evolving very rapidly over the past five or ten years. Technology is driving this along. ASI is very proud to be on that cutting edge
of technology, to where we have the highest-efficiency products, building performances, the leading
edge. Financing in general can be a very confusing
and difficult step to go through when you purchase anything. We found that the HERO Program itself has
been very seamless. The clients appreciate it very much. For ASI, the HERO Program has meant that San
Diego homeowners can now take advantage of the technology that is out there to reduce
their energy load. The process itself is simple for contractors,
homeowners. It makes sense from top to bottom. Here at ASI, we take great pride in the end
result, which is adding jobs to our community, saving the carbon footprint on our planet,
giving clients tax benefits, and to make our clients’ homes safe, healthy, and comfortable.

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