Are Underdeveloped Breast Common in Teenage Girls? | Dr. Charmi Thakker Deshmukh

Friends teenage is a age were bodily changes
occur, special in girls One of the change is Breast Development
Many girls complain about the Breast which is not developed properly, they are un equal So is it a problem ,come lets here the answer
from our famous gynecologist Dr. Charmi Deshmukh So is it a problem ,come lets here the answer
from our famous gynecologist Dr. Charmi Deshmukh Many changes occur in girls, when she turns
into a women this changes are hormonal The first thing is development of breast , but
the development is not same in all the girls Some of the girls starts developing their
breast from the age of 8,10,12, but in the age of 14 it should defiantly start if it
doesn’t start then it is a problem If you see2 girls of 12 years their breast
are different in size, this is because 1 of her stared her breast development from the
age of 8 and which is been developed till the age of 10 to 12 years, were other girl
starts her breast development from now That’s the reason were girls should now
the proper start time of Breast development We have to keep in mind that when girls come
in the age of 17,18 they should complete their breast development First stage of Breast Development is the flat
area of our chest starts developing, the area which is develop is behind the black area,
when it is developed the area beside it also stars developing which is known as BREAST
MOLD The final stage is come when the nipple develop
separately After this if you think that the development
of Breast is stop and it’s not develop properly the you can talk to your mom or your elder
sister, because they have experienced it and they know in which manner it should be And even if they think it is not normal, then
it’s a time to consult your gynecologist There is one more common problem which girls
come with, that one Breast is properly developed and breast is not he process of developing is same, different
is only the size You should not take tension if your breast
is not equally developed, when your age is 17,18 it will be in proper in size

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42 thoughts on “Are Underdeveloped Breast Common in Teenage Girls? | Dr. Charmi Thakker Deshmukh

  1. mam mujhe boobs badhane hai or mein sixteen years ki hoon plzz tips batayein mein kya kru kya khau aur mujhe kaise pata chalega ki mere boobs badhne lage hai plzz batayein

  2. So many solutions out there that promise huge DD porn star tits lol. Hype hype hype!. Well…, amongst all the noise there are some more credible alternatives for an increase of a cup or two. Mika Klopsworth's breast guide shortlists some of the ones that have been proven to work.

  3. Here are several ideas for natural breast enhancement
    Balancing your hormones by eating healthily
    Engaging in Breast Exercises that increases bust size
    Performing Breast massage to naturally increase breast size
    (I learned these and why they work on Mackyns chest plan website )

  4. Mam meri age17 h aur mere breast size bhut kam h.plzz aap mujhe batay ki breast kyo nhi growth kr rahe h aur breast growth k liye kya kare.plzzz

  5. I'm a girl and already 14 years old but I have no breasts. And I told my mom but she didn't care about it much. Please help me doctor!

  6. Dear mam my wife aage is 23 year but her breast size very small as compared to 12 year gilr..Pls give me an advice and it is possible toh grow at this aage not more but to get sufficient size…Mam hopefully u can made a one video other pls give me reply to this comment so it can helpful for us

  7. I’m a girl and I got my period when I was 9 but I didn’t start breast development until 12! I am now 12 and I am currently size 0, I wear undershirts under my tops and all my friends have bras.

  8. Bro 4th graders r bigger then me! I am told I have a slim figure and an ass but I really want boobs…I am sssoo flat

  9. Ma'am mera age 18 hai or mera breast soft hai or mujhe period problem bhi thi hum na treatment kar va liya hai but mera breast soft hai. So yeh comm hai ki koi problem hai ma'am

  10. Mam I am 13 gears old but my breast are not growing normal.I want to know some medicine or technics to increase my breast size.please reply early

  11. Yeh sab maina try kar leya koi nuska nhai shoda, kuch be fark nahi padta,last me Our Ayurveda company ki Ayurvedic medicine le 2800rs ke 4 months me 3 inch size badh gaya..

  12. My girl is 12 year and she Brest is developing but she paining in Brest , hand , back ,stomach . my question its any problem in brest

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