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“Trip” Where’s the money? L.. Let me explain! Throw it down and run, Balu! Here! Here! Are you playing hide and seek? Wh.. Who is he? My cousin! Why was he beating you up? He was asking for some money! Is this how they ask for money? He’s mentally troubled.. If he asks for money and
we don’t give him, he gets violent! Couldn’t you give him, then? I won’t get it back! No?
– No! Hey, Freddy! Come here!
– Bhai! See you then! He called you.. Freddy or something! Not Freddy! He called me ‘friend’! Get your ears cleaned! See you tomorrow! What did you hear? Freddy! He called him ‘friend’.
It’s time to clean our ears! What about the tuition? As if tuition is important!
That crazy guy would be roaming around! Let’s try to get home! Today is bad, in general! Buddy, the tour won’t happen
without minimum 10 people, I feel! The expenses will not
stay in our hands! 500 rupees from each person, No, 600 rupees from each person! With that, our expenses will be covered! What’s wrong?
– Do as you please! Why do you look gloomy? Are you still thinking about
the maths notebook? Forget it! It’s an age old matter! Even if someone asks,
tell them that someone stole the book and
kept the letter in it! What about the handwriting? People’s heads are being morphed!
What’s with a handwriting, then? Just tell that you don’t know
about it, whomever asks! That’s enough, right?
– Of course! Why should I stay sad, then?
– Right! Let’s plan for the trip! Maths.. Catched it! So that was the thing, right? I had a doubt when you got worried
about your missing notebook! The letter inside the book
is the problem! Are you guys nuts? Have you thought about
that book reaching the principal’s hands? Moreover, would anyone pass love letters
inside books in this era? No! You should’ve asked me
if you needed such ideas! I would’ve given you
a 1000 techniques! He got to know everything! Buddy, don’t tell the principal!
Please! I’ll think about it! Don’t say that, buddy!
I peed in my pants, in fear! Please don’t tell him..
– All right! Such weiners you are! Ugh! Are you coming for the trip? Yo.. You were scared.. Are you coming, or not?
– Of course I’m coming! Got your granny’s.. pension? That’s set! I’ll get it once I go home,
pamper her and give her two kisses! My money is not yet ready! Shall I go to my granny’s tomorrow,
and give her 3 kisses? Hurry up! Go! Arun! You guys tricked me today, right? Yes, miss! Ugh.. No, miss! It just happened!
Because he insisted! I insisted? Right! You insisted!
– Would you do anything if I insist? Go and jump into a well, then!
Go! How do I finish my portions
if you guys do this? What’s this, miss? If you
finish all portions in school, what’ll we learn here?
What’s the need of tuition, then? We’re just trying to
fetch you an extra income! Not because we’re
interested in studies! We defend you whenever
someone says that you unauthorizedly conduct private tuitions
despite being a school teacher! Unauthorized?
– Yes, miss.. Unautho..rized! Is that so, Reem?
– No! See? No! Means you’re not authorized! Maya!
– Coming, mom! Tea is ready!
Please get some snacks, too! We can munch, with the organic chemistry! Tell me more details about the tour! I’ve made a detailed plan! You should make everyone
feel interested in it! I’ll get it done!
You start a Whatsapp group! Add everyone!
We’ll deal it over there! Which tour? We’ll tell you tomorrow! Be at
the association ground tomorrow morning! Okay? Okay? Okay? Okay! Okay! We’re here to plan the tour,
and they’re picking tamarinds! Hey! We didn’t call you here to eat
raw tamarinds and get loose motion! Come here! Let me tell you! Enough playing! Come here! Tell us! Why are we here today? To plan the tour!
– And you’re behind tamarinds! Why do we have to plan the school tour?
Teachers will plan for it! School tour got cancelled!
This is boys’ tour! Right! The guys of our class go on a tour!
– Without the school knowing! Huh? What do I say at home, then? Tell them that it’s a school trip!
– With us guys, alone? You wanna carry your Chinju as well? No way! You tell us the plan! Land, sea, lake! We’ve planned an awesome trip,
coverng all these! Right, buddy? – Yes!
– Awesome! More details! We reach the jetty by 8AM tomorrow. Wearing a ‘jetty’ (underwear) at 8AM?
To where? You tell us, buddy! Tell them the rest. For a change,
we catch a ferry from there, and roam around the lake! Ugh! Ferry for a change?
Bug off! Every week, I visit my mom’s place
in a ferry! Then you swim, for a change!
Such a nuisance! There are other activities as well! Fishing..
– No! Surprise! Then we reach the town! Go to the nearest restaurant, and have a ‘Masala dosa’
topped with ghee! With filter coffee!
– That sounds good! Then we catch a bus and go to the beach! There, a sunbath with foreign ladies, A body-wash in the sea, Wave-counting and clay modelling
for those staying on the shore! With groundnuts! We eat a grated-ice dessert from there,
and then head to the mall! Whoever got money can do the shopping,
the rest can check out chicks there! Then we watch a movie at the multiplex!
– With popcorn! After the movie, we head to
an awesome food stall, Eat hot dosas and double omelettes,
then catch a bus and return to home! Such a wonderful plan! Give me your hand!
– Thank you! You guys crazy? To spend money, go to the beach.. in the scorching sun, and get sick? Come on! Can we go to Kullu-Manali
in one day? Isn’t this plan awesome? Right! We get to have ice dessert as well! Right!
– Tell us about the budget! For such an awesome package,
we spend only 500 rupees! Well.. 600 rupees.
With GST. Including GST, 600 rupees. GST is charged! 600 rupees is too much, I feel! I just said! You may plan and go! Then let’s add a 100 more, and go to Goa! Hey! What’s up!
Is the trip planned? Full set! Boating, ‘food’ing,
‘beach’ing, cinema! Ugh! One day trip? Which class are you in? It’s his idea!
– Not just me! Him too! We all planned it together.. A trip should be of minimum 2 days! Someone I know has a resort. We go and stay there! Lit a fire at night,
grill some chicken, and chill out! Next morning go the forest, for a trek!
– To the forest? Enjoy the whole day, and return by night!
How’s it? This is awesome!
The other one is worthless! Bro.. It’s not as you say.
They ain’t got any cash! 500 rupees is the budget!
We won’t even get a dorm with that! Is that the problem?
I’ll arrange the fund! Huh? Consider it as my treat for joining here!
I’ll arrange the fund! All the expenses?
– Yes! For these many people? My dad is working hard in Dubai,
just for me! I’ll arrange the funds! What’s there to think, then?
Let’s go! Yeah! We’re ready! So, the trip is on?
– I’m not coming, bro.. What’s your problem? It won’t work out. The previous tour
co-ordinators can’t stand me! Then why should I come! I don’t have anything against anyone! I came just because
I was added in the group! Thank you! I don’t have anything in mind!
I interfered when you were in trouble! I don’t have anything against anyone!
I’m not coming! If you’re not coming, the trip is cancelled!
Everybody get it clear! No, bro.. The thing is.. We go on the tour, and if someone
loses their stuff, it’ll be on me! And someone may tell on me
if they get something to eat! So.. I’m out of this! Why should I unnecessarily.. Are they your problem? I ain’t got a problem, I swear! Don’t let old issues stay in your mind!
Let them off! It’s +2. Our last tour! Can’t even predict where
we will be, after this year. Nobody would even reply
for our Whatsapp messages. Shake your hands,
if you don’t have any problems! I’m ready to shake both my hands! I’m not ready for both hands! I’ll shake with one!
Got tamarinds on the other! Shake your hands! Buddy! All issues between us
should end with this! Hug him! All clear now! Smile! Smile! Here! Have some tamarinds! It’s not because he offered a free tour! Your plans shouldn’t be affected
because of me! That’s all I wish! Raw tamarinds! Eat it!
Good for your stomach! Let me call my dad
and arrange the funds! He seems crazy! Why else would
anyone offer this? This feels like a real trip! Else, we’d have gone to the beach
and got sunburnt! Disastrous! Ugh! You were all excited
when I told the plan! You were all drooling over when I said
foreign ladies and ‘Masala dosa’! Shameless!
– We ought to change with time! It’s like calling random people
as your dad! All right! We’ll go for the tour then!
Don’t join us! Helps him save some money! Whatever! You’re the ones
coming for free! He’s our guy! We are old friends! Two days.. I can manage
dad and mom somehow! What do I tell Chinju? I’ll shove this shuttle bat
into your throat, if you tell her! Hey, there’s a small problem! Can we postpone the trip
for a few days? No way! Got only 4 days of study leave!
Terminal exam follows! How about after the exam? Not possible after the exams!
We’ve got classes, and results will be out, We’ll fail and parents won’t let us go! The thing is, there’s a 2 days delay
for funds to reach here, dad says. If we can manage to roll the funds somehow,
we can pay back in 2 days. We shall pawn his gold chain! What? Pawning what? No! It won’t work out! No! Won’t work out!
– What’s the problem? Nothing! Can’t pawn my chain!
Take his, instead! My chain? This is goaled rold!
Ugh! Dolled fold! Rolled gold!
– Right! Moreover, she gifted this to me
on last valentine’s day! See! If you open it, our photo..
– No! Let it be! You give it!
– Give it, buddy! Give it confidently, buddy! If it is about trust,
you may keep this phone. It’s worth over a lakh! You may return it
once you get the chain back. No, bro.. It’s not about trust. If I go home without the chain,
my parents will ask.. You don’t have to give me
the chain now! Give it to me tomorrow,
by the time we go for the trip. Got it? My funds will arrive in 2 days. You’ll return home
only with your chain. Isn’t that fine? If you assure.. I assure you! It’s set! Nothing to worry about! Since the trip is on,
there are two important things! Tell your parents that
we’re going on a study tour. Right! Going to botanical garden
to learn about plants! Correct! Another important thing is,
don’t carry your phones. Parents will keep calling
and it’ll spoil the whole mood! What you said is right!
People will glue to the phone! Especially you! No phones! So, everybody okay? Yes!
– So, tomorrow morning.. Right here, at 8AM,
trip on! – on! Yes! Where are these guys! Are those the ones? Where have you been? Such wonderful costumes! Unload your bags!
– Come on, boys! Hey! Chain!
– Yeah, the chain.. I’m wearing a kerchief on the neck.. so that my relatives won’t see
my chainless neck! As if we’re going to your aunt’s house
for the trip! Dad will send you money, right?
– Don’t worry! It’ll be ready in 2 days! All set, guys? Shall we get the trip on? Hello.. Move aside.. Hello.. Hey, bhai.. Hello, bhai..
– Where are you? Where are you? I’m in front of Ajmal Bismi,
Muvattupuzha. We’ll be there in 10 mins. Hurry up!
– All right. Hey, please lower the volume. Listen, guys! We’ll get down at a hypermarket
in Muvattupuzha now. Whatever you need for the trip,
get them from there. We ain’t got money! Just buy your stuff.
I’ll pay for it. Do we get everything there?
– Yes, of course! Oh, this is an ad, right? While making everyone happy,
we too need something to feed up on, right? Ad, it seems! What’s it? Made me sad, dear.. Feeding reminds me,
I feel hungry! See! Hurry up! Yeah! Raise the volume! Let’s get 2 soaps.
– What for? “To bathe.. In the swimming pool..” Shall we take two? Did you see snacks and pickle?
– Uhm.. Don’t know!
– Right! What’s all these for? Aren’t we going to the resort?
We’ll take bath in the pool! Ugh! Never been to a resort before,
right? Idiot! They’ll arrange the toiletries
for bathing in the pool! Doesn’t know a thing!
– Let’s look for snacks and pickle! What are snacks and pickle for? Can’t say that!
Let’s go! So what Isn’t he the one paying?
Let’s just rub it! Hey, where’s the scrub? Hey Eldho! Shall we get milk? What’s it for? To make tea at the resort! Black tea is best,
at higher altitudes! I need milk tea in the morning,
for a smooth flow! Can’t milk a wild horse there! Do as you wish! Shall we get something to munch on?
– Yeah, sure! Don’t take everything!
Take only the necessary things! That’s insane! He’s the one paying,
not you! It’s my chain that is pawned! It’s not for free! His dad will
get it back in 2 days! To hell with his chain!
I regret pointing at his chain back then! Dear dad.. Ugh, bhai.. If I had any chain or bangle,
I’d have given it! I wouldn’t even ask it back! If you had any of those,
you’d have sold them to have more food! It’s been quite some time since
you’ve been teasing me about food.. Let me handle you!
– Pickle! What’s pickle for?
– Yes, bhai! For face wash! Of course for eating!
– Tell me! I’ll come out! Why do you have to carry it?
Won’t they have any food there? What if they don’t?
Wouldn’t we have to starve then? Take only those necessary..
Bhai.. Ask him and take only necessary things.
Bhai.. Leave it there!
No need to drag it along! Bhai! Bhai! Where’s he going?
– Go slow! Hey.. Him.. He’s the one I saw yesterday! Maybe his dad! Would his dad look like this?
– Why can’t it be? How long does it take? Have to get everyone inside!
You brought it? Yes, it’s here! What’s that package? You took yours? Yes, I have.
The rest is in there. Isn’t it safe?
– Perfectly safe! I’ll call you if there’s anything.
Don’t call me! Hey.. Come with me! Is he gone?
– Yes! Something is fishy!
– You bet! Right? What could that be? What’s the confusion? Some pickles or side dishes
his relatives sent him, without us knowing! Bug off, you idiot! It’s not that!
– Then? My strong doubt is.. that it’s weed or heroin.. Yes!
– Whatever! Shall we check it out?
– No! What if he comes
while we check it out? So one person should be here
for signalling. You go. Okay!
– This is locked! The other side! Oh! My phone! Hey! What are you doing here?
– Nothing.. Where are you going? Unable to open it!
What’s it? Hey!

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