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Hi Production Paradise, my name is Emma Buckland I’m owner and director of Agent Emma Artist Management. I came up with the idea… Actually I didn’t come up with the idea… A number of photographers came up with the idea to start Agent Emma. I used to work as an art buyer in an advertising agency and working with photographers for a number of years. The idea sprung up to: “Maybe you should be doing this for yourself… Maybe you should be representing photographers” Ten years later I decided to open up Agent Emma. The most enjoyable thing about being a photographic agent is taking that not initial breathe with my photographer: going into the ad agency and smashing out those ideas, sitting around the table with a creative director and an art buyer and my photographer and coming together as a whole and conceptualizing it and taking it right through to execution. That’s the most exciting thing about being in a photographic agent It’s having that time with your photographer. The most inspiring project that I’ve worked on would be with one of my Swiss photographer Marco Grob who currently lives in New York. For two years running, we worked on the Zenith watches shoot which is part of the LMVH group. Ten days shoot! and everything crazy you could think that you could possibly do and shoot we shot: helicopters, jets, speed-boats, motorbikes… My kind of shoot! I discovered Production Paradise about fifteen years ago, when they first started. It was like the first tool available to an art buyer, or a producer or someone in production to be able to go to one web space that you could find everything at your fingertips. Every country was available to you with every kind of creative person, that’s how I found Production Paradise. I receive Spotlight Magazine via email from Production Paradise. It’s again an amazing tool that they showcase creative talents available to you. It’s great to get to be able to share that with my photographers for them also to see what’s happening what’s trending at that time. Production Paradise is helpful for agent Emma. It allows us to receive those updates, that creative update, that’s so important to stay on current trend. Running a successful photo agency you need the right marketing tool, Production Paradise is that right marketing tool for us. We’re very new to working with them, but we do know that it’s gonna be a great success. They hold a large data base of amazing creative people just not locally but internationally, so we’re really excited to be part of that team.

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